Dreams come to you at night for a reason

They sometimes do not come for days or weeks. They sometimes come in waves. Sometimes, just sometimes, they come so clear and vibrant it feels like they touch your very soul. But there is a reason dreams come to you in your sleep. Dreams need your undivided attention. Dreams need the canvas of your mind to express the subconscious and plant important information that one day will trigger a response. What that response will be is not always be clear. But it does have your undivided attention.


We all spend time imagining what it would be like to accomplish our dreams. Some of us spend most of our lives imagining every aspect of the achievement. What we would do, how we would feel, who we would thank and what it would be like to stand atop and look back at the journey we have taken. This of course is the easy part.

To achieve anything worth while in life we have to make the first step towards that goal. And after that we take the next and the next. Even we we are pushed backwards or have to change our direction, we have to believe we can still make it to the top, even when after many steps forward the goal seems ever further away.

If every thing in life were easy, then there would be no thrill of achieving your dreams. No sense that we have overcome every difficulty and stared into the face of defeat many times, only to power through with courage and determination. Because it is a statement worth carrying with you in life, that nothing worth doing, is ever easy.