This would be my guilty pleasure

There is just something wonderful about packaging. I actually enjoy going shopping, which I know is unusual for a man, but I enjoy looking at all the new packing as well as watching people interact with products on a shelf in a supermarket or shop. In fact my wife is a graphic designers dream as I have seen her in the supermarket picking up a new product and literally glowing as she shows me the design or packaging.

Have a look at the fruit juices below, I know my wife would buy at least once just on the basis of the design so if the product is good you have a loyal customer. For anyone that believes design does not impact a shopper needs to spend an afternoon in a supermarket with my wife! Oh and if anyone knows where to buy that lamp that looks like a pouring cup below, I want one. That’s my guilty pleasure. Have a creative day.


One thought on “This would be my guilty pleasure

  1. wow to that fruit juice
    same here, i sometimes buy an item
    just because i love the packaging.
    that fancy box, nice bottle
    or catchy text and graphics
    is full-pack pleasure


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