A new twist on an old favourite

This is what I love about design. I have seen countless numbers of books by Jules Verne in all sorts of interesting styles and interpretations, yet still one, seen below, stands out. Also, imagine getting a job for packaging a set of tools. For some people it is very uninspiring and even a painful thought. But for me, and thankfully, many designers it is another challenge. If you see below you can see a lovely little idea which has been wonderfully executed giving a client a great piece of work. It is important how you approach every creative challenge in your career, everything is an opportunity and you have to believe that.

As a creative director, for many years, I see many briefs flowing into to the creative department that have me literally drooling at the opportunity. Not just TV but anything from branding, giveaways, video documentaries, a poster and an internal campaign to name but a few. It does annoy me if I don’t see excitement from people getting the work because I can see what an amazing opportunity there is to be done. Fortunately throughout my career I have had the pleasure to work with people from all over the world that dive into every challenge willingly.

It can be great to be in the creative industry as it is so enjoyable to watch other talented individuals make beautiful art from anything that comes their way. Have a creative day.


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