A week of filming and our TV Commercial comes to an end

A whole week driving around in the desert has come to an end. A little adventure out in the farms of the United Arab Emirates has been quite interesting. We have been out in many locations filming a new TV commercial for the Abu Dhabi government. I will explain more about it once we are live on air. But we had the worst fog I have seen on the first two mornings of the shoot but we managed to get some wonderful scenes. We were up early before sunrise and out filming long after sunset but it was a great week.

Along with filming the TV Commercial we also had a photographer, and friend, Naim Chidiac with us. He is an official Red Bull photographer along with being a great person. So after every scene was wrapped we jumped in and took the print campaign images before racing off to the next location. The images below are just off my iphone. I did have my camera with me but I find these a little offbeat than the usual as they are taken with the Hipstamatic app which gives an interesting effect I feel.

I have included a small array of images that include the Director, DOP, photographer and the edit suite. I will put more pictures up of the shoot once I have time to go through them all. As soon as the commercial goes on air I will share that with you as well. Take care.


One thought on “A week of filming and our TV Commercial comes to an end

  1. the shots make it sounds very cool. Yes fog does gets in way in those areas for many cameras. my uncle went there for his project. He told me how nice this place is. want to see myself wats it all abt. Will be waiting to see the ad runin. good luck with the editin. peace


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