The old creative ‘switcharoo!’

The power of branding. Take a look below at the Marlboro and Campbells soup comparison (3rd row on the right) I found myself just thinking that they look very familiar for at least 5-10 seconds before suddenly realizing that the actual packaging was switched. Maybe I’m just getting old!

On another note, our Y&R Dubai office do a lot of work on Harvey Nichols and they have won many awards on the process with some very nice work. But one of my favorite ads for Harvey Nichols was done by DDB London. They are called “The Fashion Statement” ads and they are just wonderful, and here is one of them below. Hope you enjoy todays collection. Have a creative day.


2 thoughts on “The old creative ‘switcharoo!’

  1. You think Marlboro sales will go down with that packaging?
    As for Campbell soup, I’ll buy 1 because I prefer square tins than round ones. Yes, I haven’t bought any Campbell soup yet although I appreciate Andy Warhol’s version.


    1. Ah Andy Warhol! You have to love the way he took something that people thought ordinary and showed the world that everything is art when you pause to appreciate it.


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