If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favourable.

I do love a good quote, but even this one knocked me back. I think it is so powerful and so true. We often charge around trying to do so much yet we watch a person seemed to glide through life achieving so much. Set a goal before you start anything, no matter how big or small, how believable or distant that goal may be at least you have focus, you will have direction and you will feel the wind beneath your wings.

It is unusual that I will include more than one quote in the daily inspiration but this one, from Oscar Wilde, just brought a smile to my face. “BE YOURSELF, EVERYONE ELSE IS TAKEN.” Fantastic! Have a creative day.


6 thoughts on “If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favourable.

    1. I remember watching UP with my children. My wife was out of the country on business and she asked me what it was like when I got back. I said I loved it but I have to be honest I found it incredibly sad. The first part with the little kids meet, they grow up super fast and then the girl died I found myself almost reduced to tears amongst an entire cinema of kids!


      1. actually it was my hubby who said i watched it because it made his tears fell — he cried didn’t he? it did because he failed me a number of times. and yes i cried when i watched the movie because i can resonate. lately i purposely stay away from tear inducing movies that’s why i haven’t watched eat, pray, love yet. raw wounds so might as well go for csi for the meantime. lol


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