Determine the thing that can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.

Often when we look back on our lives we can see a clear path through troubles and tribulations. We remember the chaos that surrounded us, how dark the days were and how every second echoed as if in eternity. It is only retrospectively that the lessons we learned show the light of the path we took. How clear it all looks, how obvious and how important to where we are now in life that moment seems. So no matter how dark, how unsure or how frightening a moment in your life can be, know that one day all will be clear, all will make sense and you will be a stronger and better person for it.

Try not to look at the problems in life as problems. Think of them as rungs of a ladder that you just need to step up on top of to see a better world. Have a creative day.


4 thoughts on “Determine the thing that can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.

  1. is that a book art in the upper right corner?
    it must be, my pulse is racing 🙂
    and that biscuit throw pillow should be very carful
    she will be eaten by my youngest!
    Thanks Alan for your encouragement for today
    I so felt those dark moments
    but I don’t like staying there forever.
    I might make something out of it
    — like a guided way for others?
    That man on the 2nd row made one
    — fantastic!


    1. Yes! That is another book case. I think it is part of the same collection. I think it is a great idea to create art from the books themselves! So many people do not read their books and do not use them in any way, which personally I feel is a shame, but this gives a great alternative. Art form art!

      yes the biscuit pillow could be problematic but it’s a great piece.

      The man on the second row for me is making a path where none have trodden before! What a pioneer!

      Thanks for all your wonderful insights!

      Take care Alan


  2. Awesome post as always. I’m sorry that the experiment caused yous spam to freak out! I just LOVE the first two pictures in the third row and the saying “Simple is Beautiful”…so true! Have a special day! 🙂


  3. Thank you! It is not a problem about the skateboard spam, in fact I am curious to know what other words trigger such a response. I will definitely let you know.

    Simple is always beautiful!

    Thanks for a great reply, as always.

    Take care Alan


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