You are the spark that your world needs

If today is a blank canvas then I am the paint to create something wonderful. To illuminate another’s mind with images, words and designs that stimulate and fire every synapse in the eye of the beholder. For in our minds eye lie dreams of untold wonder that need the smallest of sparks to ignite. Each spark creates an unstoppable force of energy that propels you to a world of fulfillment.

Should you seek the spark or let the spark seek you? For me there is only one answer, you must be the spark. For you being the spark will not only ignite your own dreams, but will also burn so bright that every one on your radius will be glowing with inspiration, abandon all their dark fears and join you on a journey that can only be experienced when we become the spark. Be your spark today. Have a creative day.


6 thoughts on “You are the spark that your world needs

  1. I totally agree with your inspirational message today…the signature I have used for years on one of my email accounts is: “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle…it gains a greater brilliance.” When I first read it somewhere it just blew my mind! Thanks for a great post! I LOVE the first two photos in the second row, Jim Morrison, of course and the match on woodgrain that looks like a flame is awesome!!!


  2. The men are skiing. Isn’t it wonderful!

    The woman resting on the picture frame was done by a graffiti artist called BANKSY. His work sells for millions now and he has done some incredibly interesting work.

    thanks for your comment. take care Alan.


  3. Wow I love that saying, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle, it gains a greater brilliance.” How wonderful! Yes I am a big fan of Jim Morrison and the Doors. The flame/match is just so simple and clever I just had to include it.

    Thank you for the comment and the wonderful quote!
    take care Alan.


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