Don’t hold back when painting the canvas of your life

Every decision in life you make is like a brush stroke on a canvas. You can be gentle and precise or chaotic and free but the result will be the same, unique. Only you can add paint to your canvas and only you choose the colours that are applied. Influences will affect your choice, but only if you let them. Not every stroke is noticeable to the external viewer but you know it is there, deep and with meaning, it has a purpose. Not every artist knows where the strokes will take them. Not every artist understands why they paint the way they do. We all start with a blank space, some have a beautiful white canvas whilst others start not quite so luckily, but life is not about where we start, it is about where we go.

The canvas of your life will hang in the halls of history when you are gone and people will wonder who you are, and what you did. For some it will be clear, for others it will not. Some will be classic and elegant with clearly defined lines from the path chosen by the artist. But others will be abstract but just as compelling. So within your life, just as in art, paint what is true to your heart and not what you want people to see, for only then will the masterpiece that is you reflect the wonderful spirit that resides within. Have a creative day.


6 thoughts on “Don’t hold back when painting the canvas of your life

  1. I can see a major part of my life in your words…I let my mother choose the colors I used to paint my life…she wanted me to use subdued, darker colors while my heart yearned for bright, vibrant, sparkly colors. It wasn’t until my own children were grown that I realized that as I raised my kids to always choose their own colors…that no matter what the choices were I would love their choices because I loved them…I also realized that I had to make the conscious choice to pick the colors for the palette of my life…not for my mother but for me. I am able to do that now…even though I know it still sometimes upsets my mother when I do. For some wisdom comes with age. 🙂 My favorites today are 2nd in 1st row, 1st in 2nd row and 2nd in 3rd row.


  2. I think this relates to us all in a way. I certainly see this in myself and people very close to me. I feel we are always conflicted with what we want to do and what those around us expect from us.

    The picture, 1st in 2nd row, is quite stunning and so detailed it is a beautiful painting.

    Thanks for your comment. Take care Alan.


  3. How refreshing to read your thoughts on choosing and allowing and living in a conscious way. Life means something…when you attend to it in a conscious loving way. All we need do is actually choose…and allow our life to unfold naturally. Go with the flow and realize meaning in every moment. In truth, we really do know what to do and when to do it, and who to do it with.
    We matter. Our thoughts matter. Our choices matter. Our actions matter. I guess it is very true, that what we do in life does indeed echo in eternity.


    1. For me life is like science and nature; we have everything we need to live a good and happy life, we just need to figure out what goes with what to make it happen. Great thoughts Seth, Thank you. Take care Alan.


  4. Yes I so appreciate hand made!
    That’s what make each unique just like the canvas of life that you have spoken about. That is so true because my color choices back then were colors whom I thought the people I love wanted for me. But when the painting turned out dull I realized that I ain’t making anyone happy if I’m not happy. So here I am digging from within all the colors that make me happy. I paint what I like and if somebody like it, thank God! If not, still thank God! At least now there is one happy soul — me!


    1. You are definitely inspiring with your colours as it comes through in every post on your blog. We often don’t see the effect of the colours we spread but like you said that’s okay as well. We do not do thinks for the result we do them because our spirit needs to share and inspire others. If everyone did things they thought others wanted it would be a dull and boring world. Thankfully the universe is a constant show of colour and brilliance from people like you. Thanks, take care Alan.


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