Tears can cloud your vision of what is ahead

When tears roll down your face, try not to look at it as pain and suffering of the moment that you are experiencing. Try instead to view each tear as a cleansing of your problems, which make room in your soul for good times to come. Every drop carries away from you the negative, thatโ€™s why they roll down your cheek, gathering speed as they leave your body.

Your spirit lightened by the sheer process of expelling all those feelings that you carried with you as baggage. Maybe the tears block your view of better times right now as they cloud your vision. But soon the light goes on and everything will seem clearer, richer and more beautiful than ever before. Say goodbye to the tears, for they are taking away the things you do not need in your life anymore and great times are just around the corner. Have a creative day.


10 thoughts on “Tears can cloud your vision of what is ahead

  1. Amen. Have you ever noticed that we tend to cry harder when we are being comforted? It’s probably because when someone draws you close to hug or comfort you, you let down any defenses that you had and just pour out the tears, letting loose all the emotion with someone else there to comfort you. Quite the release.


    1. Nice insight Seth, I had not really noticed that until you mentioned it. I guess even when we cry we still keep some barriers, but I guess when someone holds us close we feel free and secure enough to let it all out. Thanks for your comment Seth. Take care Alan.


  2. I have done so much cleansing in my life
    and yes it does feel good
    going through life lighter!
    I wish I own that painting art
    and I salute the man behind the pencil sculptor!
    Please tell me more Alan
    about thinking opposite.
    For bad thoughts only?


    1. I think we have all cleansed so much in our lives!

      The pencil art has been doing the rounds online for some time now but I still think it is incredible. Shows true craft and patience.

      Strange, I though this was positive. I guess I never looked at the fact it is about crying rather than the end of something being fresh beginning. Will try ๐Ÿ™‚

      thanks Alan


  3. That is so true…I read that when we cry it actually releases harmful elements from our body…literally cleansing us. I love the first and third painting in the fourth row…so different and yet so beautiful in their own way. Have a special day! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Is that true? I have not heard of that before but it is very interesting and I guess our bodies do many wonderful things to help us that we are unaware of, this is nice.

      Thanks. Take care Alan


    1. Your kindness spreads far and wide Seth. Thank you. It is so very true that we find things when we are not looking. My wife and I found each other 12 years ago when neither of us wanted anything to do with any kind of relationship. The world is a wonderful place and god certainly moves in mysterious ways! Thanks Seth, Take care Alan.


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