You know more than you think you do

Ever started, or joined, a conversation where initially the topic being discussed seemed distant or you felt your knowledge of it was not very extensive? Then once you hear a couple of comments or statements a rush of information comes flowing to the forefront of your consciousness and suddenly your mind is alive with knowledge about this subject. Our minds are a fascinating memory bank that stores all kinds of information, sometimes whether we want to or not.

For me the mind works like similar to google. A key word or subject is mentioned and suddenly every part of your brain is alive searching for anything we know about it. Sometimes it happens quickly, other times it seems to happen late at night long after the discussion has finished and you sit there pondering why didn’t you think of that at the time.

Considering that we only use between 5% – 10% of our brains, maybe the 90% is just storage or our own personal little hard drive. If that is the case then maybe spring cleaning will have a new meaning in the future and give you a chance to remember all the things you know about our world, and yourself. Have a creative day.


4 thoughts on “You know more than you think you do

  1. Wow! I never knew we only use 5-10% of our brains…if that’s true than sometimes I think I am using only 1-2% (lol) But it is amazing that we have 90% stored somewhere up there…God really did an awesome job when He put us together, didn’t He? 🙂 Great pix as always…my favs are the whole first row…the middle one in the second row (it’s amazing to capture that shot before the bubble burst) and the first one in the fourth row – I just feel this sadness for that solitary figure walking all alone down that narrow track under overcast skies – he needs a hug! 🙂


  2. When I was writing the tag for the guy walking down the path I initially looked at him as being alone and sad. But then I thought about it and really looked at the positive aspect of what it could mean. It could mean he is off to a new life, something great as he moves along the tracks of life. It showed me that every thing we see does have many sides to it, we tend to see the negative first which is a shame. It is only when we take time to really look at something do we see the true beauty that is in front of us.

    yes the bubble photograph is amazing! i love that too.

    Have a great day. take care Alan


  3. Yup ideas popped up once triggered by words or statements just like I oftentimes have whenever you all share your insights. I wonder what would it be like if all of us use at least 50% of our brain? Could we have a better world or worse?

    And I love all of the women in here again including the threaded face.


  4. I love the threaded face, I think it is so cool and I have all kinds of ideas about losing your identity, unravelling due to problems etc I love it.

    Understanding what we are like as human beings it might be better that we only use this much. It’s a sad statement because I would love to see a world where everyone was more enlightened, including me! 🙂

    Take care Alan


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