Burn bright little meteor, be all you can be in your life.

Our life can be compared to a meteor. We hurtle through the vacuum of space trying to grasp an understanding of what it’s all about. We start from different positions in the cosmos that we all call home. We are created differently and start in different parts of the universe. From the beginning, we burn brightly without care or abandon as to the dangers we face. We interact with other meteors on our journey as we pass, some change our direction slightly, others can be life changing, even catastrophic. Our time to move on to the next world has come. But for those that continue on that beautiful journey, the search seems infinite and possibilities are endless.

We look for answers to explain who we are and where we are going, never sure but always moving forward. Then comes moments in our lives when we approach something greater, we veer close to a planet or star. Although we have choices our destiny overrides the outcome, as some, skip past the atmosphere, taking with it all the experience and memories of that moment, forever enlightened. Whilst others burn so brightly so young and their time comes to an end in a brilliant display for all to see. Then there are the ones who find their place, breaking into the atmosphere at the right angle to be able to re-emerge in the wild blue yonder and create a memorable impact on the world. One they worked hard to achieve.

Whichever meteor you are, understand this, you cannot turn around and replay anything in your life. You cannot slow down time and neither can you change the course of your destiny. So with no regrets burn as bright as you can for as long as you can, put on a display that will others will remember, but more importantly every atom of your being will glow with the radiance that you as an individual know you can.


7 thoughts on “Burn bright little meteor, be all you can be in your life.

  1. I really love your daily doses of inspiration! I do believe that we can change the course of our destiny…if I believed I was on a journey whose outcome had already been determined than having a free will wouldn’t make much sense to me. But that’s just me…the great thing about reading others words is that each of us have a different view on the same subject. 🙂 All great photos…my fav are the second pix in the first and second row and the first pix in the third row. 🙂


    1. Thank you! Actually my thought on this is very basic. We are born and we die but the journey in between is up to us and what we do. I am not sure if I believe in a predestined date or that everything is set out in front of us. Like I said things interact and have the power to change our course just as much as we can change the course of someones life. I just hope any change I make on someone else is positive. Nice choice with the pictures 🙂

      Take care Alan


  2. Gratitude definitely helps remind me of the beauty and simple things that mean so much in life, that I end up taking for granted, being a creature of habit and adjusting to conditions as I do. Newness, unfamiliarity, and uncertainty definitely recharge my energy, expand it, and helps me to grow outside my comfort zone, which in turns… makes my life that much more meaningful. Adventure is certainly a key component of enjoying life to the fullest for me. I really have to consciously act to get myself out of the ruts of daily life. It just makes me feel so much more alive! Of course we should choose our attitudes, our thoughts, and even our feelings… watch them like a hawk, so that we are choosing them, versus them choosing and driving us. We can have an adventure just by viewing life that way. It doesn’t hurt to seek out adventure from time to time. 🙂

    This life is a golden opportunity. We should seize the moment and live it to the fullest… giving EVERYTHING we have to make the most and get the most out of it indeed.


    1. Beautifully said Seth. And I totally agree that life is a golden opportunity. I think anyone who has broken the routine that we so easily fall into in life has had that sense of reinvigoration and feel completely alive again. We have to sometimes go on an adventure, as you said, to rediscover who we are. Life is not an easy journey but if it was easy where would be the challenge and enjoyment when we achieve something? Thanks for your comments Seth, always insightful 🙂

      Take care Alan.


  3. Hello I love both the colorful woman as well as the black and white. They seem to be presented differently but I guess they’re much the same inside.

    And I love the analogy too from the meteor who’s burning bright and beautiful. You transported me to the vast Universe with great possibilities!


  4. Glad to transport you for a bit. I like the black and white of MJ I think it’s a nice image of him as a boy which I like. Take care Alan.


  5. I saw this as positive as well. I guess it’s how it’s read because I didn’t mean we are not in control in anyway because we can influence others paths as much as our own by ignoring a persons gravity and gliding past or enjoying someones company and circling them for a while until we decide to move on. The universe IS a wonderful place we need to explore.

    Thanks for your comment. take care Alan.


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