Never give up on your dreams

The irony of this post is something that will certainly teach me a lesson about persistence. I have wrote five times a post about never giving up on something you dream of doing. Each time I wrote the post my internet would cut and I lost the file just as I was publishing it.

So using my own words as my guide I have continued to write the post I wanted to, albeit is a slightly different way, but something tells me that someone is having a good laugh at me on this one, which is fine by me. I guess some lessons are better learned rather than spoken about! Have a creative day.


4 thoughts on “Never give up on your dreams

  1. I so don’t like when I lose something I have written…especially if it is something that was off the top of my head and it came out exactly as I wanted! lol But you are right…there was a reason why it happened even if we don’t see it right at the time. I just LOVE the middle pix 2nd row…beautiful! 3rd pix in 4th row has so much emotion you can feel it…and very last pix in last row…I LOVE pictures where God’s rays come down from heaven to touch the earth! 🙂


    1. It’s funny the more it happened the less annoyed I was getting as it seemed I rewrote the post differently every time. When I look back it was completely different to where I started because every time my mood changed. The picture with the sun breaking through the trees is spectacular!

      Have a great day. take care Alan.


  2. Persistence is your effort to achieve something even if it’s hard not to always expect instant gratification. But patience remains a valuable tool in life. We don’t always get instant gratification, and some of the best things in life require years of hard work or for us to keep trying and trying and trying. That is also my principal of success.
    And no, I am not laughing at you cause I have been there too!! I swear that my computer has a mind of it’s own and it’s not functioning at it’s best. (I would almost hate to hear what my computer would say about me).


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