You must never wait for your dreams to come true

How much time do we waste waiting for others to make our dreams come true? How many people around the world sit dreaming of a better life when the reality of change is so close that if they reached out in front of them, they could touch it. We often live out fantasies and dreams in our minds over and over again, yet put little real effort into making them come true. We look at other people and do not see much work on the surface and wonder ‘how are they so lucky?’

Is it luck or is it like the old proverb about a swan gliding gracefully on the surface of a pond. On the surface everything looks serene and graceful. Yet underneath the legs are thrashing through the water pushing the swan forward. Anything worth while in life takes time and effort. If you want something enough you have to start doing everything in your power to make it happen. If in the end it is not your destiny to achieve the said thing, then you learn the lessons needed to achieve the next dream on your list.

Remember it is very rare that we understand why things have happened in our lives. But when we look back and see the near misses and almost have’s that we see a path formed from failure to failure that led to something wonderful occurring in our world. Was it meant to be or was it planned? Now is not the time to question the universe, now is the time to work hard on your next step. Take each step with equal enthusiasm and courage, for you never know where it will lead you. Happy journey. Have a creative day.


4 thoughts on “You must never wait for your dreams to come true

  1. Very true words! I believe we are always where God wants us to be if we are following His signals. I remember over 30 years ago deciding to go to a store and for some reason the thought crossed my mind that I could be involved in a serious accident. I almost decided not to go out but then thought I was being silly and I went anyway. Because that thought was always in the back of my mind that afternoon on my way home I was stopped at the light crossing over a highway. The light turned green and the car in front crossed over but I hesitated for only a few moments but long enough that a car coming down the highway to my right drove right through the red light. If I would have followed the car in front of me I would have been hit on my driver’s side by a car traveling 45 mph. I knew for sure it had to be my guardian angel who was making sure that since I decided to go out that I was still going to be safe. 🙂 Great photos…my favs are the middle one in the first row…the 1st and 2nd one in the 2nd row…and 1st one in the 4th row.


  2. Glad to know you are safe. Those incidents are the ones that bring sharp clarity into our world. Bring us back from worrying about the small stuff. Take care Alan


  3. Well, as hard as it can be, sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past .. stop planning the future .. stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel. We need to stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel and sometimes we just have to go with “whatever..happens..happens”. We NEED to have a little faith!


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