Each life drawn is individual

I have inserted the video clip for anyone who has not seen the opening credits of the HBO mini series called ‘The Pacific.’ A Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg epic. Following on from their success of ‘Band of Brothers’ they again tell the heroic story of young men plunged into the horrors of war. Personally I thought Band of Brothers was a better series but that doesn’t take anything away form an incredibly well written story and drama.

The reason I am showing the clip is because whilst watching the opening credits something struck me about the comparison between us as people and a single piece of charcoal. We can move gently across our path and still leave a mark or we can lean heavily on life and make a statement of who we are. As we move small pieces of us crumble away never to be replaced. At times life takes away a chunk of us without any reason but that break or chunk leaves a new edge that is sharp and well defined. Gradually we are reduced in size but what has been created in the constant years of drawing stories is nothing short of a masterpiece. Everyones is different and just as interesting if you tae the time to look. Have a creative day.


8 thoughts on “Each life drawn is individual

  1. I dread war so much though! I will certainly support those that are told to go and fight, but that does not mean in any way that I support ‘going to’ or war efforts. Perhaps watching either of these shows, it would help some people come to understand the horrors of war!
    Hard to say which I like better with seeing only two episodes. But out but my initial impression, that B.O.B. was better w/ character development and the Pacific is better with actual fighting scenes. Then again, I’m a sucker for anything WWII though.


    1. For me the Pacific tells an incredible story of the effect of war on three individuals. How they cope and how they deal with the horror that is war. The scenes are incredibly raw and powerful which add to what is an indescribable experience these young men went through. We can only hope that fewer and fewer people have to experience this in the future. Thanks Seth.


    1. Some peoples are larger than others but we have to always focus on what we take out of this. Worn down we may be but our mark can still draw a memorable mark on any page.

      thanks for the comment, take care Alan.


  2. This post blessed me so much!
    It’s true, parts of me crumbled along the way
    but never seen the new well defined edges.
    Need to refocus — away from the lost parts.
    Thanks Alan!


    1. Parts of all of us have crumbled as we have made our way through life but that is what makes us all unique and beautiful. Thanks, Take care Alan.


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