OREO TV Commercial, take two!

The first TV Commercial you see above was something I did for Kraft Oreo a few years ago. Oreo was a brand I worked on for a few years and really enjoyed it. None more so than when shooting this TV commercial. We always worked closely with the global team in New York and London due to the account being a global account of FCB. The reason I chose this of the many commercials we made is because we were lucky to have the Global Creative Director on the Oreo brand. His name is Bob Neuman and he is still a very close friend today. I am showing this today because also it illustrates what we do behind the scenes. Not the commercial itself but the second video you see below. What happened was during the filming of the commercial Bob mentioned that they used to create spoof or joke versions of the commercial they worked on when he was young.

So, as all creative people will do, we decided there and then to create our own. Filming had wrapped up and we approached the director, Mr Steve Campbell, a genius child director and told him what we wanted to do. He told us we only had one chance to do a single take so did we know what we wanted to do. We told him we would sort this out and would be ready when he was even though we didn’t actually have any idea of what to do. Steve got ready behind the camera and we walked into the Kitchen where the kids had been filming all day. As we sat down behind the kitchen worktop I told Bob what I thought we could do. He looked at me and laughed but said, “Are you sure?” I told him the fact he laughed convinced me it was the only way to go.

So this below is the one single take we made, no one else other than me and Bob knew what was going to happen and some people even asked me later if I knew what Bob was going to do. Hope you enjoy it. Have a creative day.


8 thoughts on “OREO TV Commercial, take two!

  1. ahaha!
    Milk actually is good for the face!
    I love that Oreo commercial
    and lucky me to know one of the geniuses behind it!
    And yes most of the problems in life
    can’t be solved when we box ourself.


    1. Yes, got quite a face full on this occasion! Bob was a good shot, thats for sure.

      thank you for the kind comment, Take care Alan.


  2. That must be so rewarding to use your creative talents and enjoy it so much! 🙂 My favs today are the 3rd pix in 4th row (the face of innocence), 2nd and 3rd pix in the 5th row and great statement of the middle pix row 6. 🙂


    1. Yes I like that statement as well, very cool. I do enjoy what I do which makes it great to go to work. Especially as our industry is changing all the time it is fun and exciting. Thanks take care Alan.


  3. Oreo cookies… dipped in milk YUMMY!! Now to tell you the truth I kinda don’t think that ………………….NOTHING CAN BEAT OREO’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love oreos. Now I have a craving and thankfully I have some in the kitchen.


    1. CONGRATULATIONS, love the revised edition, funny as heck and certainly an award-winning commercial. Nabisco should seriously consider it and promote it to show the importance of perhaps sharing. 🙂


      1. Thanks Seth. Hope you enjoyed those OREO”s! They actually use this for within the company all over the world to start off the conferences and meetings, so I heard. Which is nice.

        Thanks Seth, take care.


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