Without challenges, you will never know what you are a capable of achieving

Every challenge we face really tests our limits of persistence, character and ambition in life. Are we willing to settle for what we have right now? or do we strive to overcome obstacles which will help us understand what we , as individuals, are truly capable of.

As you move through life you notice people who seem content to stay where they are whilst others never stop trying to improve themselves. For me, it depends on what you want out of life and what makes you happy, for if you are not happy then no accomplishment will ever satisfy your desires in life. Have a creative day.


4 thoughts on “Without challenges, you will never know what you are a capable of achieving

    1. Sometimes we just have to start doing and spend less time thinking, I know I have done that too much in the past. Now I cannot believe how much I get done, sometimes at least 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. Take care Alan.


  1. Sometimes I see people who seem to be staying in one place but then I wonder if they might be happier and more at peace in that same place than someone who spends an amazing amount of energy to accomplish bigger goals? I know from outward appearances I don’t seem to have a lot but I am content to be where I am and as long as I can keep afloat in my little boat I am happy. 🙂 My favs today are the 3rd pix in the 3rd row and the 1st pix in the 5th row (that one really plays tricks on the eyes! 🙂


    1. Oh, I totally agree, the only priority is that you are happy. I love the water and glasses picture it is just captivating! Take care Alan.


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