Be passionate about what you do, or do not do it!

I love everything about design and the arts. From a simple business card to a globally recognized painting, architecture and so many other things I often find it hard to concentrate on what I am doing. But when I do manage to focus I ensure that I put my heart, body and soul into what I do, because for me there is no point in doing something at a half measure or just to fill a space.

Life is too short and the world is already filled with enough soulless creations for me to add to the clutter. I may nit understand every piece of art, advertising or design but I do appreciate the heart and effort that has gone into something and that is something worth celebrating. So join me today in trying, at the very least, to do something with every ounce of effort and passion that you have no matter what it is you take on today. Have a creative day.


7 thoughts on “Be passionate about what you do, or do not do it!

  1. I agree that one should always be passionate about ones work. This weekend was a good one for me creatively. I completed the first four chapters of a YA novel I am working on. 🙂 I glad you had a special holiday and also happy that you are blogging again. Your daily inspirations were missed. My fav pix today are the 2nd in 1st and 2nd rows, 3rd in 3rd row and 3rd in 6th row. 🙂


    1. That is wonderful news! Wow four chapters already, I am so pleased for you! How is the agent hunt going? Good luck with the next chapter 🙂 You are always very kind about my site, thank you. Have a great day, take care Alan


  2. Your passion is showing and I’m a fan of yours!
    And to think that I haven’t seen yet the totality of it
    — just the twist, lick and dunk and your great thoughts of course!


  3. Living a passionate life is not about just meeting a self improvement goal or succeeding at some task. To me, it’s about everything in between goals.. the blood, the laughs, the sweat, the tears, the smiles, the silence, the pain. It’s about fully experiencing the journey. Sure, we can dread what’s around every corner. We can take everything seriously. We can plod through life with a dull attitude, hoping something will somehow change for the better. OR… we can choose to look at the big picture… the journey as a whole. We can approach every moment, including the challenges, with a child-like excitement. That’s having passion for life!


    1. The passion that you have for your work truly does come thru to all of us that stop by and take a look at your creative writing and your awesome artwork, etc.


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