When life gets tough, we must get tougher.

It is when we find life the hardest we must put more effort and work twice as hard as before if we are to realize our dreams. For anyone can be on top of their game when the sun is shining.You show true character and determination to bring your best when all others are shirking from the cold. Within you is the key to focusing your energy, to realizing every dream you dream and also within you lies the obstacles that will try and hold you back. For no one can stop you doing what you want unless you, yourself, allow them them to stop you. You are your own worst enemy if you allow the voice to overcome your spirit, so dig deep within yourself and find the child who dreamed anything was possible and fuel the dreams with action and persistence, then one day you will succeed. Have a creative day.


4 thoughts on “When life gets tough, we must get tougher.

  1. It took me most of my life to realize that the voice I was listening to inside my head was that of my mother’s wishes. When I reached my 50’s I made the decision to follow my heart and do things the way I felt they should be done. I still have the feeling that my mother does not like the new me…she just doesn’t get that this is the real me who has finally emerged and is not a copy of herself. 🙂 My fav are 1st in 1st row, 2nd in 2nd row, 3rd in 6th row. I really am intrigued by the 1st pix in the 4th row…but is that a real bird?


  2. You’re right, find that child within who once dreamed fearlessly. You’re a great encourager!

    “How would you like your design?” I love the options presented to the customers; the choice is ours.


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