Life is one continuous improvement

I see a mountain in front of me. It reaches high into the stormy clouds and I am unable to even see the summit, how will I reach my goal? How will I struggle along dangerous paths of insecurity and worry? How will I take on such an unsurmountable challenge alone? What are the steps I must take? I must do it the only way I know, one step at a time. Each one assured that it is merely just a meter in front of me, that is my goal for now. I must not stand in horror at the entire mountain but just begin the forward momentum that I know one day will have me high at the summit. Only then will I marvel at the wondrous and treacherous road i have travelled.

But I will not dwell on the satisfaction of my accomplishment too long, for there will always be another mountain, bigger and even more challenging. I will tackle each mountain with equal sincerity and purpose, always one step at a time. I will help others along my way for surely there is no greater reward than to stand atop a peak of success knowing that the steps you took were just and the people you passed are equally happy for you rather than the paving stones you trod along the way. For that is the slippery slope of our capabilities and one where even when you reach the top, you know that the mountain beneath you is neither your true success nor one that will help you take on the next challenge.

For there are lessons we must learn with every step. There are no short cuts up the mountain of self discovery, as the only person you cheat, is yourself. Have a creative day.


4 thoughts on “Life is one continuous improvement

  1. Your post today brings to mind something an older, wiser person once told me: “Be kind to the people that you meet on your way up the ladder of success…because they are the same people you are going to meet on your way back down.” I have never forgotten his words. My fav pix today are: 3rd in 1st row, 3rd in 3rd row, and definitely the middle one in the last row! πŸ™‚


  2. Thats a very good way to put what I was trying to say πŸ™‚

    The waves are beautiful aren’t they? Such grace, power and beauty!!

    Have a great day. Take care Alan.


  3. Did somebody said, “Don’t say that the mountain is too high until you reach the top, because it is not.”? Got to have the courage to believe that and thank you too Alan — you have helped me in some ways in conquering my own mountains.

    I love all graphics in here — I can see so many things beyond images.


  4. Life is full of challenges. AMEN! I have learned that challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew, at least they have for me. Life’s challenges sure have made life interesting, but more so, overcoming them is what also makes life meaningful.


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