See positivity in darkened days

Sometimes along my journey I feel that my path is crowded and bustling with all kinds of options, interests and people. I can feel the peoples excitement and enthusiasm for all the dreams they want to share and even the ones that are hidden. Colours exploding in a festival of hope and glory as I literally glide along the path. But of course every high must be balanced in the world with a low, that is the universal law. So sometimes my path is lonely and quiet. I no longer feel the silence. In fact I know it is a time to embrace warmly as it holds all the possibility of the high whilst giving me the space to grow.

So that when my path be filled again with countless opportunity I will be ready and able to grasp every one with all my heart. So it may be grey, it may be quiet and I may not see where every corner is going right now. But I do know that one day the sun will shine and my optimism will already be waiting to choose the direction I want my path to go. For if I can see positivity in the darkened days, then when the highs come my path will no longer be cobbles stones, but clouds that will carry me along to my dreams. Have a creative day.


4 thoughts on “See positivity in darkened days

  1. Alan, your posts truly are a daily dose of inspiration…I love “my path will no longer be cobble stones, but clouds that will carry me along to my dreams”! Beautiful!!!Thanks so much for sharing your words with us.:) My fav pix are: 2nd in 1st row, 2nd in 2nd row (amazing), and 1st in 4th row. 🙂


    1. Thank you, you are very kind to say that. Isn’t that polar bear shot unbelievable? I keep looking at it and just cannot imagine what has led to a situation like this and also what happened afterwards! I love the painting of the girl (4th row 1st pic) such imagination and expression in the girl it’s amazing. Take care Alan.


  2. wow such a high optimism — I love to be carried away by clouds too!

    I like so much the hands opening the can of freedom. I am imagining too a spoon scooping freedom from that can and me savoring how good it is! I wish I can paint and frame it.


    1. You and JMJ always give clouds away with your words for others to be carried away.

      Isn’t that a wonderful painting of Freedom being opened, such an incredible concept! I love that you like that.

      Take care Alan.


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