You learn more from your mistakes. Make as many as possible.

I have talked about this topic before but last night I had a small discussion with my son, who is 8. He has been having a few problems with his reading. After a few discussions with his teacher I decided to show him something. I sat a hat on the chair and took a pack of playing cards. We sat on the floor and I told him to flick the cards into the hat. As he started the cards flew literally in all kinds of directions. Then he got one that bounced of the rim of the hat and I asked him how he did it. He showed me the action of how he threw the playing card and actually described how the card flew in the air.

So I asked him a question, “Do you think you would be able to throw the card into the hat but after what you just did?” He looked at me and then nodded. I saw in his face that in his mind he was going over the earlier throw and he threw it. It hit the other side and excitedly he said, “Okay, now I know how to do it!” He threw the next card and it went straight into the hate, which was obviously followed with lots of hugs, high fives and a lot of whooping that the neighbors must have been happy as well.

I asked him how he learnt to throw it in. He told me that he knew how to throw it because of what he had tried before. I told him that this was no different to reading. Don’t be afraid to miss with a word because from that you will learn how to say a word correctly. I wish I had a camera that filmed him, as what I said seemed to filter through his mind. It ended with a big smile and before he slept last night he tried really hard at his reading, got a few wrong, but didn’t seem as afraid as he was before. I’m so happy for him! Have a creative day.


6 thoughts on “You learn more from your mistakes. Make as many as possible.

  1. I can imagine your son’s triumphant smile and sparkling eyes — and what a great cheerer you are! Those moments are really great and will be etched in your mind.

    ‘An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have’ — only realize it now! lol

    I like the photo of the kiddo holding an adult hand. How much we need each other and hopefully we value that.

    Love your post — thanks for a glimpse of you and your son! 🙂


    1. Isn’t the Andy Warhol quote funny? I loved that. That photo of the little kid is actually from a global competition of National Geographic.

      Thank you, Take care Alan.


  2. Learning to read is probably the hardest thing most of us ever do. Let’s face it, the english language is quite complicated. Words that sound the same but are spelled differently, etc. is just one example. But there’s so much joy to be found in reading, so here’s hoping that your son will continue to do so.


    1. Thank Seth, and yes I agree with you it is a fundamental thing that all children should be able to read. And it’s the ones currently in the world that don’t have access to the opportunity that I feel sorry for. Have a great day, take care Alan.


    1. I’m the lucky one 🙂

      Thank you!
      That picture you like is off the iphone app hipstomatic again. I think you will need to buy one soon and take your own 🙂

      Take care Alan.


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