Procrastination, why do you haunt me?

Sometimes we put off the things that add more stress to our lives, when in reality what we made such a huge deal about is really, nothing at all. The anxiety that can build up within a person over a meeting, deadline or something you have to do, which is very different from something you want to do, can really be damaging to your health. Maybe it is just me then because I tend to over analyze and examine every single little thing ensuring that whatever it is that I am have to do I am prepared. But often it is in all this preparing that life slips past and we miss it. Again, maybe it’s just me! I have to keep reminding myself that their is no thing called perfect. But this is was, and still is to a certain degree, a problem for me, I hate to do anything that isn’t perfect.

But I have reduced the time over analyzing and worrying to a minimum in order to just get on with what it is. The way I feel sometimes with any project or thing I need to do is jumping off a diving board in a swimming pool. The steps up are the introduction to what it is that is needed to be done and the standing at the top of the board is the moment of deliberation on what and how the task at hand needs to be tackled. I am trying to just walk confidently to the edge of the board and spring with complete confidence off the edge, for I know the committing to doing something is the hardest aspect of whatever it is I need to do. Once committed off the edge of the diving board gravity, or the natural progression of things in life, will take care of the rest. In fact once you leap the rest is quite easy as well as fun, and you look back and wonder, ‘why did I make such a big deal about it?’ Again, maybe it’s just me! Have a creative, and time well filled, day!


5 thoughts on “Procrastination, why do you haunt me?

  1. It’s not just you…I am guilty of the same!

    I’m working on that. I often wonder if it is the anxiety in its own sweet self that actually inspires and motivates me?

    Finally motivates me.

    You’re right, it’s in that moment that I ask, “Why did I put this off?”

    And the cycle continues.


    1. Thanks for the reassurance! I do see it in a lot of people, especially creative people I work with. Every time it is the same mad rush at the end with them complaining, “Oh, I wish we had more time!” But you did!! lol.

      Thanks for visiting, take care Alan.


  2. I’ve never had the amazing and important projects that you must have in your profession…so I couldn’t compare my decision making to jumping off a diving board…for me it would be more like jumping off the edge of the curb! lol 🙂 Great post and great 3rd one in 4th row. 🙂


    1. Actually I wish it was just at work! I get this in every part of my life to be honest 🙂 Lovely pic of the tree!! Take care Alan


  3. I can understand perfection at work but expecting perfection from another? It’s not only damaging for your health but other’s as well. I am ripped several times because of such. waaahhh

    I enjoyed the entire photo collection — very interesting pieces!


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