Two careers, one love.

There are times recently that you are far away. Life has taken our paths into different directions. Success and ambition drives us both forward, achieving goals that seem to appear on our separate paths but always knowing that we are thinking about each other.

As there is no success worth reaching and no ambition worth achieving unless we reach there together. 12 years ago you barged your way into my heart, loudly, as only you could do, whilst still radiating beauty and poise. Together, the two angels that we have been blessed with, are a credit to the person you are.

On this day, of saint valentines, I know we are apart, but you will always carry my heart with you where ever you are. Eternally yours, My darling wife, I love you.


6 thoughts on “Two careers, one love.

  1. Absolutely beautiful Valentine’s message to your wife, Alan. If I had a magic Genie lamp I would wish you were together for St. Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both. 🙂 The 2nd pix in the first row is so AMAZING! I LOVE it! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!!! That illustration is stunning and it stood out among around 100 designs on a page of designers. Absolutely captivating. Take care Alan.


    1. Thank you. I know my wife is feeling the same right now in Germany! We will celebrate when she returns. That ad for Volkswagen is very cute 🙂 Take care Alan


  2. ☆☆ Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart from them for any amount of time which can seem like forever, but somehow you feel all warm inside because you’re close in heart. What a terrific Valentines entry, straight from the heart. ☆☆


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