You will realize that you are a star

Spread your legs, Stretch your arms and open your heart.
You will realize that you are a star.

I came across this quote on one of the visuals below, a lovely mobile for children and I though the sentiment was beautiful. Not only in the context of children but for everyone. I truly believe that every one is a star and together we illuminate the sky. We may not always realize this but someone somewhere is influenced by the actions we do. Like a star in the distance, light takes time to travel through space. The star may not even know that it has illuminated another’s imagination, and it could be a small or life altering change. It’s still a change.

So even if in your life you feel that what you are doing is going unnoticed, understand that the impact you have had on lives has been spectacular and beautiful. For everyone passes on the light that burns within, some feel the light glowing through them whilst others are not so aware. But each burns brightly and somewhere in the world your light is now reaching a far a soul just when they need your influence, just when they need a change and it could’ve been something you did many years ago. As your beauty and light will shine through eternity.


3 thoughts on “You will realize that you are a star

  1. What a beautiful thought..that we are all stars! 🙂 I hope my star light has helped light the way for my children and grandchildren. 🙂 This was a wonderful message to read just before I go to sleep. 🙂 Fav pix: 3rd in 1st row, 1st in 3rd row, and 1st in 6th row. 🙂


  2. I second that, truly an uplifting phrase. My father used to quote the words “…You are not what you do… you are HOW you do it!…” Therefore you are as important to the world as you perceive yourself to be. When I leave this world, I can honestly say that I have done my very best to make a difference in many people’s lives. I’m very grateful for the fact that others have had such a positive impact on me, my life as well.


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