4 thoughts on “BP’s logo and business practices combined

  1. This is without a doubt a touchy subject for many. I have always believed that BP in the beginning tried to rectify the oil spill situation by approaching the issues the wrong way… poor prioritizing, as they were spending entirely too much time publicizing their cleanup and not enough on the actual act of the cleanup. In the case of the Exxon Valdez spill, cleanup efforts continued for many years, this clean up too will not be over anytime soon.
    That is quite the funny bp logo. Speaks volume.


    1. Lets hope the clean up happens quicker than we all think it will. It was some of the things you would hear like,”They are trying to bury the leak under mud!” I mean come on surely we could come up with better ideas than just burying this? Anyway lets hope and pray that we have learned lessons from this. Take care and thanks Seth, Alan.


  2. It was heartbreaking to see how greed for money made BP ignore warning signs of a problem and cause such damage to the environment and the loss of creature life…I think of it every time I drive PAST a BP Station…sometimes I have to pay a higher price for gas but I just can’t bring myself to buy from a company who caused such devastation. 😦 My fav pix: 3rd in 1st row, 3rd in 5th row, 1st in 6th row.


  3. The BP (Balloon People) reminds me of BP (Blown Promises) and blown promises remind me to be careful in making one because without meaning to I could suddenly become a BP (Bad Person).


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