Fuel the fire; that burns within, Never give up; or give in.

Hold back no more; break the mold, it only harms; the ambition you hold.
Be strong and delve; into your dreams, Things only come; to who be bold.
Cast off the shadows; that drag you deep, Chains of creation; that you did reap,
Our passion and hopes; will fuel you far, But determination; success will keep.
Pass through the doubters; they matter not, Some people scheme; whilst others plot,
But dreams can break; all negative vibes, & like a star; you’ll burn so hot.
& inspiration; that you will glow, A world below; you will now show,
That a dream can reach; unknown heights, & once you start; you will not slow,
So understand; all you can be, And let yourself; today be free.
You can achieve; all that you desire, You only need; to light your inner fire.


7 thoughts on “Fuel the fire; that burns within, Never give up; or give in.

  1. You are awesome,Alan! Not only do you inspire with prose but you inspire with poetry. Beautiful and thanks so much for sharing it with us! 🙂 My fav pix: 1st one in the 5th row is magical! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! Coming from you that means a great deal to me as your poetry is incredible, I am a big fan 🙂

      Paris window! What a view! Can you imagine if you woke up to that in the morning? Fantastic!

      Take care Alan.


  2. i walk this path of life with an open mind find people like you alan sweet and kind always prompting a positive sign if we take your confidence and keep it within we will all be fine great blog alan xxjen


    1. You are very kind thank you for your kind words, tat means a great deal to me. We all walk this path together now so the path is not so quiet and scary! 🙂
      Have a great day. Take care Alan.


  3. Seriously, no truer words could be spoken. I really believe that we were not born winners nor were we born losers, we are what we make ourselves to be more or less. The only limitations that we have are those that we put on ourselves.


  4. Absolutely Seth! Seeing the things you are doing in your life with the courses is an inspiration.

    And the fact you are a fireman you are part of a group of people I will always see as heroes! Stay safe, Take care Alan.


  5. Wow you have a glowing poem in here and a fantastic advice — ‘Pass through the doubters; they matter not’!

    That bowl of shark is so creative! Sharks’ fin soup is killing them. Sad how we can’t stop sipping and killing.

    The owl necklace caught my daughter’s eyes. I made her 3 owl necklaces similar to that.


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