Journey through your dreams to find the person you really are

Why is being a dreamer looked on as if it is some kind weakness or failure? I never understood when people commented on another by saying, “he/she is such a dreamer.” Why would that be a bad thing? The greatest people in our history were dreamers and the greatest people in our future, will be the dreamers of today. The only thing that you need to realize if you are a dreamer is that you cannot spend ‘all’ your time dreaming, there has to be action that comes with it or else everything remains a dream. Only then can being a dreamer have any negative association. Unless of course if it makes you happy, then dream all you want.

People today put too much attention on the material aspects and have stopped that child like feeling that anything is possible, that we can achieve great things no matter what the odds or circumstances. Why is that when we see someone who has broken through and achieved something we think that they must be extremely talented, lucky, connected or all three? We are all create equal, we are all handed our own array of pro’s and cons we have to work with and we all begin our lives dreaming and wishing of how our life could turn out.

It is never to late to realize a dream, or at least part of a dream. For every journey we take in life, the destination is not always what we expect it to be, but the journey we take will bring new perspective, new dreams and help us understand who we are, if only a little bit. Every journey is worth trying, every dream worth dreaming and everyone has the option to experience both. Start a journey somewhere today, you never now where you may end up i this life.


8 thoughts on “Journey through your dreams to find the person you really are

  1. I think one of the reasons my mother and I don’t agree on much is because I have always had dreams and she can only see practical things and dreaming is not practical in her eyes. Rather than experience life and savor the moment she pinches pennies and doesn’t want to waste money on things I feel are good for the soul and spirit…she is only worried about her physical needs…for me my soul and spirit come first…I think if you put them first the physical part of you is much better off. 🙂 Thanks for a beautiful post! 🙂 My fav pix: 1st in 1st row, 2nd in 3rd row, 1st in 5th row. 🙂


    1. I totally agree, the spirit needs more feeding than any physical needs we have. The physical part of our lives will always be fine if the spiritual aspect is taken care of.

      I have seen the bear picture a few times and it always makes me laugh! Take care Alan.


  2. I dream of a wonderful ending. While I have yet to reach it I can make wonderful moments along the way!

    Love the photo of the kiddos and the doors they are in 🙂


  3. we all need to dream and sometimes we can actually make them come true so dream on i say xxjen you can hold my ladder alan im sure you have a steady grip till i reach the top xxjen


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