Success comes from leaving fear in the shadows in your mind

What is it in life that you wish to achieve? Some dreams seem to be so far out of our reach that often put them down as unachievable, but why? Why do we close the doors on the things that obviously mean a great deal to us before we even give them a chance. Fear is one of the most debilitating emotions that spreads like cancer throughout our entire psyche. An emotion that not only stops the things we really want but gradually eats away at our self confidence, for once you allow fear to convince you of one thing, it gains momentum and will not stop until it reduces you to a shadow of the person you could have been.

It is not easy to fight fear, but then nothing in life that brings you real satisfaction is easy. How much satisfaction did you get the last time you set out to do something? No matter how big or small, inside you felt that feeling that you could achieve anything you wanted. Now fear hates this, and the moment it is senses you believing in yourself it will start it’s attack. You must always be prepared that fear is waiting in the shadows of your mind to attack. But you have everything you need to defeat it. It comes from simply believing in yourself, loving yourself and knowing that there is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve, you just need to keep fear in it’s place, keep fear in the shadows and let the ambitions be lit by the light on your path to success, you can achieve anything you desire.


5 thoughts on “Success comes from leaving fear in the shadows in your mind

  1. well anxiety and fear go together its just a matter of beating it and talking yourself into a better calmer state of mind and then you can achieve what you set out to do i usually drive myself nuts worrying then just say right enough deal with it and i do but im a dizzy female before i get on with it lol have a fun week alan no anxiety xxjen


  2. Sometimes I need prayer to keep my dreams in focus…He gives me the confidence that I don’t have on my own. 🙂 My fav pix: 3rd pix in 1st row, 1st and 2nd in 2nd row and 1st in 3rd row.


    1. I think in everyones way we all do to some extent even if we do not like to admit it.

      I really like the cherub image it’ s really funny!

      Take care Alan.


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