Don’t survive, Live!

There was a time in the evolution of the human race when survival was the only thing that mattered. A time when we never what the next day would bring, for our race, not us as individuals. We all know this is true yet often these survival instincts take over and we find ourselves on automatic pilot, just coasting through the days, one after the other. Unfortunately it often takes a major incident to shake us out of this. A disaster like New Zealand or Japan has faced recently, the current strife in the Middle East or a missing girl in my home-town at the moment just puts things into perspective.

I am extremely grateful for everything I have, for my family being safe and my friends being well. But I am sure we are not only meant to survive in this life. We are put here with all this opportunity, all these resources of a mind and spirit at our disposal to move forward. Do we really need to know where the journey will end? Do we need to understand every aspect of our world before we move on? Nothing in our world can ever be perfect, everything in the right place or everyone happy, it’s the universal law. So do the things that are a curiosity to you, do the things you thing you would enjoy. Stop just surviving and go out there and live, the world isn’t waiting but will welcome you with open arms.


3 thoughts on “Don’t survive, Live!

  1. “do the things you think you would enjoy”
    Thank you for the push! How many times have I stopped myself just because things aren’t ‘perfect’ yet when I know so well that it will never be. Excuses, excuses…

    I love the words fouund in your photos — I swear to good…burning hot…how to disappear…this is my large… 🙂


  2. i left home at sixteen and worked in germany couldnt speak the language didnt know the currency but i managed to survive on my own and ended up loving it we are from an early age survivors if your thrown into life at the deep end you swim xxjen


  3. Very true…thanks for the reminder…life is so short and precious that we have to not waste one second of it. I hope the missing girl in your town is found. Her parents must be in such anquish. 😦


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