Anger will only hold you back

Anger, fear or any other negative emotion will literally blind you from seeing the positives in your world. Today, on the road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, I had a man driving very dangerously around me eventually pulling along side my car and shouting at me to move. Now there were a long row of cars in front of me and, I believed a space too small, to move in beside me. But this gentleman seemed to force his way in so maybe I was wrong, although the man who was forced to move out of the way wasn’t so convinced. After this incident I had about half an hour still to drive and let’s just say I was not in the best of moods for the remainder of the journey.

For anyone who has read my blog for any length of time you will know that I always try and see or express a positive side of life. But the remainder of my journey was literally a battle of emotions that kept racing to the surface every time I thought how close the guy came to my car and how dangerous it was. Although it took me that half an hour to calm down I realized how drained I felt. Usually when I sit down to write first thing in the morning I feel bursting with energy and positivity, ready to start the day. I have always been able to see how destructive negative energy can be, and today is a clear example of how I spent, or really wasted, 30 minutes on a person that I dare say once he passed me on the road has even thought twice about the incident. So I am consciously putting this to one side, as I always should, and getting on with my day.

This is not really how I wanted to wrote today as I have been away on business for a few days, which in this region is becoming more and more difficult every day. I was supposed to be going to Jordan next week but with the trouble sparking there and with Syria next door facing a crises I believe I will be staying in the UAE, at least for now. If only everyone could just put this anger to one side maybe there would be less greed, corruption and violence that is at the root of what we see today. All I can do is my part in trying to put a smile on peoples faces and a warm glow in the hearts. Have a creative day everyone.


9 thoughts on “Anger will only hold you back

  1. It is a great blessing that you shared this incident Alan. You have shown that there is a peaceful way of dealing with restless soul. You have shown how it is best to put aside something that will weigh you down. I’m so glad to see you safe and I wish that you are safe in your travels at all times.

    I love the poster with ‘There is still much to be done let’s not lose sight’ — the thought and the style like it is handwritten. That’s exactly what you have doe earlier — not losing sight.

    Are those rows of books for real and accessible for everyone? So wow!


    1. I knew you would love the books image!! I cannot look at anything without a book in anymore without thinking, “I know who would love that!” Lol>

      That is a lovely poster, very well executed!

      Thank you for your wishes about the drive, it is such a shame there are people like this as it really does make something that is tough, even harder! But we have to move on and stay positive. I just had to get it out of my system yesterday as it wasn’t going alone. 🙂

      take care Alan.


  2. It’s sad when people are so aggressive behind the wheel of a car. I’m sorry that this incident tarnished your day but I am glad that you were able to rise above it and write your blog. 🙂 I know you must be very busy because I missed the days when you did not blog. I hope the problems in your area of the world get better soon. Your blog today made me think of a quote I once read: “He who angers you…control you.” I have found that to be so true…although sometimes it is difficult to stay calm on the world’s highways. In the states you can make a right hand turn on a red light if there is no traffic…but there are those who think it is alright for them to pull out in 50mph traffic right in front of an oncoming car. 😦 I hope that your drive to work tomorrow has no crazy drivers! 🙂


    1. Thank you! Yes the drive today was a little easier. The difficulty we are facing at the moment in the Middle East is we are scheduled to travel to meetings to Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait etc and we are constantly being told that we have to change our plans, delay the meetings etc. Which is a real shame because the people of the Middle east really deserve a chance to build up their businesses and all of this is very demoralizing for them. Let’s hope and pray that things improve soon.

      The picture of the stream is wonderful. It is achieved with a long exposure so that you get this wonderful silky feel to the water. Very clever and what an effect!

      Take care Alan.


  3. We face plenty of unpleasant situations in our lives which make us very unhappy, which can lead to anger. But road rage is a huge problem! At times, I have felt that I was driving in a warzone. And what for.. too much “me first” and hurry. We can all leave more time for our trips, relax while driving, multi-task less and pay more attention, and slow down. Sorry to hear about your experience and here’s hoping that you won’t have another experience like that.


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