It’s in our nature to want more

We are constantly battling, inside of ourselves, and those around us in the struggle to want more. We often have a self depreciating feeling about ourselves when we want more or we see the in other peoples eyes a totally focused, unwavering assault on the object of their desire. In all truth it is possibly one of the most distasteful traits we have as human beings. Greed in our world seems to be the root of all evil, from the leaders of our world to the person that looks back at you in the mirror in the morning, we all have it.

But if we look back and see how we have, as a race or civilization, come to this present spot in time, it is this trait that has driven us to great achievements, scientific discovery and, in some cases, wonderful humanity by helping each other. Because the fact is it is human nature, part of our DNA to want more and one of the things that has helped us arrive at the point we are today. But like most things about us, it is the balance of enough to progress and too much that it becomes destructive is where we always, as individuals and as a species, have a problem.

I personally believe that you should not be too hard on yourself for wanting more in your life; it is in your nature. I also believe that most people can achieve this balance and today we see that it is not the masses that have a problem with this balance but the few who have a lot, yet seem to want more. It takes a lot to push a human being to the point where they put their lives on the line to have the basics in life, but beware to those who push them to their limits; for it is in our nature to want more and we can be unstoppable in reaching it.


4 thoughts on “It’s in our nature to want more

  1. After I went through my divorce 9 years ago I had to give up many of my possessions. It was at that time I realized that I really didn’t need most of them…it was more that I wanted them. Now I have learned to live the life of “Less is More” and I am happy and content. I only want to have enough to provide myself with the necessities of life and be able to help my children have them, too. 🙂 Thank you for another inspiring post! 🙂 My fav pix: the whole 3rd row and the last pix. 🙂


  2. Wanting more is human nature. From the time of earliest man, we have always wanted more. This is why we invented language, so that we could communicate and gain more collectively. This is why we stopped living on trees and moved to the savannah so that we could hunt better. This is why we began to make tools. Basically, it is what makes us human.

    I think life would get pretty boring if we didn’t push ourselves up and out of our comfort zones.. eg, to get that healthier body, that bigger house, that beautiful piece of art.. or whatever spiritual or material need that is. As long as it’s within reason of course.

    These ‘things’ are and can be life changing. It’s what wakes you up in the morning with a purpose and a high.. especially when do actually achieve it.


  3. Kadafi immediately comes to mind but of course there are so many discontented souls from all walks of life. But as you said it’s human nature and best to find the balance that it doesn’t reach to a point where it destroys us.

    I adore that giraffe with books so much that I request my son to draw one for me. And I fancy that K letter — I love blocks like that and has been on the look out for B U R F. Cute cat feet photo 🙂


  4. to have a nice home plenty to eat and just live a normal no worrying over bills life is all i ask nice to have loads of money but i like just enough to live comfortable but then doesnt everyone want that except politicians they are the ones bleeding the country dry with their second homes and expenses lol you can tell i love them can t you xxjen


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