Leave behind the baggage of your past

We often walk through life dragging every problem around like luggage. I know I have been guilty of this on more than one occasion. Everyone has problems and everyone will come against people that see the world in a different way. Although sometimes these incidents can be hostile, they are usually over very quickly. But within our minds, and especially mine, the conversations continue over and over again, constantly re-energizing the feelings of anxiety and anger that are so destructive. So what’s the answer?

I have been trying to figure this out most of my adult life and as it is part of my character I guess it is something that I will always have to work hard on losing. Regardless of the size of an issue that has been in my past, it seems to appear occasionally in my subconscious as though it is knocking on a door in my mind. I have to learn to untie the shackles that weigh down my future, because as they say, Misery loves company!

Removing the chains that are attached to these moments in life that hold you back can be a liberating experience. It doesn’t mean they cannot come back, but like most things in life taking action within your self is already more than half the battle. A sense of freedom will pass over you like a morning summer breeze as you stride forward away from that baggage that has held you back. Looking back in life only means you are missing what is happening now, and stops you seeing all the good things that are ahead of you.


5 thoughts on “Leave behind the baggage of your past

  1. You are so right, Alan…but sometimes it is difficult to leave behind the past…I think we all struggle with it from time to time. Mine has consisted of trying to not be bound by my mother’s habit of always trying to lay on a guilt trip. It’s taken me most of my life to not fall into her usual trap. Just yesterday my brother called from out of state…rather than be happy that her son called she had to be sure to slip in “Well, it’s been a while since I’ve heard from you.” I should be thankful that she indirectly taught me what not to do with my own children. 🙂 I loved the statement that Charlie on Two and a Half Men said after his mother tried making him feel guilty: “Pack your bags…we’re going on a guilt trip!” lol Thanks for another incredible message…take care and God bless. 🙂


    1. Thank you JMJ, always wonderful to see you. You have told so many stories about your mother that I think that should be your next book 🙂 Always great the way you show how tough the relationship is but manage to see the positive in the end.

      Hoep all is well 🙂 Take care Alan.


  2. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ So many of us are labeled by our past. The things that we’ve done, the things that have been done to us. Letting go allows us to be more objective, to relax, to reflect, and to heal… perhaps it allows us to see the world with new eyes. We all have things that we could probably let go of in life, and many ways in which to do so, and in due time.
    We need to live as we are now. We can’t let the past define who we are. “Scars remind us where we’ve been. They don’t dictate where we’re going” ~ Quoted by one SSA David Rossi (Criminal Minds).


  3. Yes to leaving the baggage behind! Can I sit and dream in that lovely chair (center, 1st row) while waiting for my chance to read a book in that lovely window sill (center, 3rd row)? 🙂


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