You are supposed to be part of your conversation

When you hear the statement, “Voices in my head,” it usually brings up thoughts of crazy people right? Well I believe that we all have at least one voice in our heads.

I spend a lot of time watching people. I have always preferred to be on the periphery and let others be centre stage, just so that I could see how people act. I guess that is why I decided to work in advertising because watching how people react, buy, shop or do not is part of knowing how to communicate a product or service in a way a consumer wants to purchase it. I actually enjoy going shopping with my wife because it gives me a chance to see people in all different kinds of shops. Now we have kids it I have quite the catalogue in my mind of people arguing, discussing, enjoying and so on.

But what I notice a lot is the fact that most people, especially when they are alone, are in deep thought. But if you look very closely you can see a conversation going on right under the surface. Most people seem to hide it very well and know one would ever guess the conversational dual going on behind the eyes. But some are not so good at hiding this aspect of human nature. Only yesterday I was waiting for the bank ATM machine to be free which meant I was waiting around. A man passed me deep in conversation, in fact the guy was having quite a disagreement with himself! I searched the man, not literally obviously, rather scanned him for headphones or bluetooth, but no, he was talking to himself.

Society has made us ashamed of this aspect that we all do to some level. Without t we would not understand who we are, why we acted a certain way in a situation. It can be destructive or constructive, depending on our personalities. Personally I think it’s healthy, to a point. If it helps you understand the world you live in, doesn’t harm another person and helps you see things clearly; then join in the conversation that is going on inside your head, after all if your clever; who will will know?


9 thoughts on “You are supposed to be part of your conversation

  1. HAHA! I’m always talking to myself. My children laugh at me. I don’t care anymore.I’ve become the neighborhood entertainment for my teen-aged sons and their friends!


  2. Your post made me think of all the times I have thought someone was speaking to me and then realized they were deep in conversation with someone on the other end of their cell phone..with those earpieces sometimes I don’t realize they are even on a phone…lol. And most often they are not aware that others are even around. 🙂 Have a special week! 🙂 My fav pix are 2nd in 1st row, the whole 4th row. I love seeing the photos you post…they are such a mix of color and emotion. 🙂


    1. I remember actually talking back to someone once because I was convinced they were talking to me! You should have seen the guys face, it was like I just barged into his conversation and he actually was very annoyed. I am sure he had no idea that I thought he was talking to me! lol.

      Thanks for your kinds words jmj, always great to see the pictures you love.

      Take care Alan.


  3. When I was young I never felt so alone because I was talking to myself — all sad stuff though. If I knew that those thoughts could shape my life I would have talked to myself differently. Now I try to turn it around — not easy but doable.

    Wow to whoever came up with that idea — love vs revolution! 🙂


    1. I can totally relate to what you are saying! I was exactly the same.

      Isn’t the love in revolution amazing!! I flipped when I saw that! Incredible!

      Have a great day Spoon, take care Alan.


  4. hi alan ive often called myself a silly bitch if i have forgotten keys or something and also talk myself into doing things which i think i can not do i think we all have those conversations im telling myself right now to go get a drink of coffee lol i lost you for a while so pleased i found you again xxjen


  5. ♫ *´”)
    , ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ♫ ♪
    (¸.•´ (¸.• ♫ ♪ My name is Seth. I talk to myself. I argue with myself and I pity myself. The voices in my head don’t bother me… the busy signals do. 🙂
    Frankly I talk to myself all the time. When I’m alone or don’t have anybody around me I’m always stating my thoughts. One of my friends commented on it. Then I realized that I never hear any of them talk to themselves. They probably think I’m some kind of weirdo. But it works for me, often helping me see things more clearly. Plus, positive self talk is definitely okay. There are studies all over the place that are in place to study the amazing power of the human mind and how thinking positively (by telling yourself positive things or whatever else) can influence your health and well being tremendously.


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