Maybe, the only limits are in your mind

Do you believe that some people are lucky and others are not? Do you think that no matter what you do in your life you will never achieve your dreams? Then you are the one that is holding you back. You are the barrier that is stopping you move ahead in life and you are the pushing away all the wonderful things that your life could be. And I have been the worst culprit at this in times of my life, but it taught me valuable lessons I keep with me today.

Life happens! Things go wrong, financial crises appear only two months after you start a business (Yes this happened to me!) and you se other people seemingly float through life whilst you are stuck in the quagmire of doubt. The power of the mind is something we are still far from truly understanding, but stop for a minute, and just look around. Take Steven Hawkings, A man whose body is literally wasting away before his eyes due to motor neurone disease. But the man is a giant due to the power of his mind.

Steven Hawkings, a man who seems to have more letters after his name than actually in it, continues to amaze the world with his insights and his determination that no obstacle will come into his way as he makes the most out of his life. We can’t all be as clever as Steven, But we are not all faced with his difficulties, so whatever is in the way of you right now, you have to believe you can over come it and achieve everything you want. You have to reach for the stars and try to reach the unreachable, you may surprise yourself along the way. Good luck!


4 thoughts on “Maybe, the only limits are in your mind

  1. What a great post and great reminder that regardless of what we have going on in our lives we have so much to be thankful for! There are so many of us who have talents wasting away and we sit and complain when we could be doing so much with them. Thanks again for this reminder to use the talents we have and to work towards the goals we want to obtain. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Knikkolette. It really means a lot coming from you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, take care Alan.


  2. hi alan reaching for the stars is a hard task but everyday i try or theres no point i once gave up when badly injured but one day i just decided to turn my life around ive been trying ever since and im gtting thre slowly how about you xxjen


    1. Good for you Jen, I am the same but we all have to do what we can each day to stay positive and move forward. Good luck! Take care Alan.


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