In our darkest moments we are the strength that lights our path

We have all faced down the demons of a certain situation in our lives. Whether those moments were personal, financial, professional, abuse or any other terrible incident that scars our soul. When we think back to that moment it all feels so real, shocking and sickening that we sense a closeness through the fabric of time and space that links you to that event, or like most people events. But to grow you must visit these places every now and again.

It is within these moments of your life, as harsh as they may be, we find out the real person we are. An inner strength that, for the most part of the day, seems as distant as you have now made some of these events in your mind. It is not the pain that I am saying you should focus on, that would just be counter productive. The moment I mean you to focus on is that moment just afterwards, when the tears stopped, the pain eased and we looked at the road ahead with a fire burning inside desperate to rise again from whatever heel you were in. It is that moment that is the real you, the one that can and did pull you through anything.

It is in those moments, however brief, do we have so much clarity in what we want, what we can do and what we will do, it is an enlightened moment that if you were to look from the outside of yourself would see a human being ready to take on anything. Look where you are now. No matter how successful or poorly you believe your current situation is, you know that you have faced worse moments and overcome them. And when you look back at that moment you see a different person, one that was not ready for the challenges you face today. I am a firm believer that everything you have gone through has given you the tools to overcome any obstacle that is in your path today, or in the future. All you have to do is believe in yourself, just as you did before.


4 thoughts on “In our darkest moments we are the strength that lights our path

  1. that was some blog.. and it was right on the money.. How do you do that?
    I still have worries about friendship and anger issues.. worry about if you are angry or miffed
    then friendship could waiver.. I guess I have to work on that lol
    Love Laura Novak


  2. I am currently fighting countless demons in my life right now, and I am going through a lot. Some days, like today particularly, I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. I sometimes feel as though all hope is lost, and there is no reason to continue the fight. Everyday its almost as if I am preparing myself for battle, then I go into battle (life), and come home feeling defeated…It is days like today that I just continue to tell myself that it is going to get better, and things have been worse…I just try to laugh about how crazy life is and look towards the future as I know someday I absolutely will achieve my dreams, regardless of my fears and insecurities. This is just one of the many storms of life, it will pass. And in all actuality these are the moments we should value highly, as they define us. Well anyways I somehow found your page…and honestly I have no idea how I got here. I have to say you definitely have a talent for writing, in a way that a multitude of people can relate to. I have read numerous posts by you and quite a few of them seemed like you were writing about me and my life specifically…lol I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for doing what you do. Know that your words have affected my day in the best way possible. Your words have given me the tiny bit of strength and hope that I need to make it to tomorrow. So thank you, you are greatly appreciated.


    1. Thank for taking the time to write your message. I can see that you are facing a difficult time at the moment but clearly you are already brining a positive light into your life. In what you are doing by reading positivity blogs and knowing that one day you will see that this moment in your life as a defining moment means you are already on the upward curve and good times are ahead.

      I have had quite a few people say that they feel I wrote a post about them and what is going on in their life. Most of the times I draw on my own experiences. One reason for writing this blog is a way of keeping focused myself but mostly just to try and inspire people who may be facing difficulties. I am glad you found something in my posts and I wish you all the happiness you deserve and I am sure you will receive soon. Take care Alan.


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