Never let criticism hold you back in life

How many times in your life have you decided not to do something because of someone else’s opinion? It could be a derogatory comment about something you have worked on, maybe just a look that sapped all your confidence or maybe you are the one who convinced yourself that this path was not for you.

Whatever the reason, this is something that you have to fight. You have to fight this with every once of your soul and do it on a daily basis. You see I work with creative people every day, have done for nearly twenty years, and what I see on a daily basis is people who are in love with an idea one minute and with one comment the idea is in a screwed up ball of paper heading towards the waste paper basket. All because of someone else’s opinion.

What you have to do is take all the criticism, comments and suggestions into your mind but don’t let become the driving force. One trick you have to do is look at what is being said to you from a different angle. This is not easy, as with anything we do in life we get attached to something by pouring our heart into it hoping we are on the right track. Try to filter through the constructive aspects of what is being said, no matter how negative they may first appear, and be impartial with your final view. But this should never stop you doing something you enjoy.

If you are doing something that is bringing you happiness, fulfillment and a creative release that you enjoy nothing should stop you doing that thing. Obviously as long as that is not doing something that hurts or offends anyone. If you look at anyone’s life, anyone that you know has accomplished one thing in their life, you will see a person that has faced defeat, criticism, negativity and more towards something they wanted to do. They used it to fuel their ambition rather than dampen their dreams. So why should you be any different?


8 thoughts on “Never let criticism hold you back in life

  1. I swear to you in all honesty, I thought I was reading something I had written. needless to say, I agree and think you are awesome. I wish I could formulate words into the specifics of why I love this, but it’s been a rough few days, sorry!


  2. thank you my dear wrote about MY LIFE..even if you hadnt realized it! lol i was always told..since birth..that i wasnt smart enough,pretty enough, rich enough, etc.. sometimes you believe it if told enough times. you have helped me so much..thank you..i still need help and a kick in the butt sometimes.. but thank goodness for my dear friend Alan! love ME


    1. Everyone faces this Laura and every deals with it in a different way. We just need to remember why we are doing something and what we want to achieve. Anything else that comes from an external area is not important yet we cannot ignore it either or we miss valuable lessons. life, it’s not easy! 😉


      1. I THANK GOD.. every day of my life that I met and befriended a good man like yourself..
        thank you for accepting me as a friend.. flaws and all.. LAURA


        1. I’m honored to have met you as well Laura. We all have flaws, I have probably more than you, but you need to forget about them and just be happy. If you are always thinking about them that’s what people will see. the people that don’t accept you flaws and all are the people you don’t need in your life. It’s simple, it’s humans tat make things difficult 😉


  3. Wise words, again. I agree, completely. The thing is; it’s hard to discern yourself from your ideas sometimes and when someone criticizes the idea we feel the other is actually criticizing us. I was thinking the same thing just a couple days ago. From a slightly different point of view though. I thought about the interpretation of situations, how two people can think so differently about the same thing. It kinda gave me a new perspective of things. I mean, if the thing I take as a truth is just my interpretation of it, the actual truth could be something very different of it. If I could just keep that in mind that (negative) criticism is just the interpretation of the other person and not the ultimate truth…


    1. It is a very difficult job to decide the people you should listen to and the ones you need to filter out. I don’t believe anyone could claim to be 100% on this, especially me! But you are right that you need to keep in mind that criticism is just someone’s opinion, it is up to you to decide the course of action that best suits your journey. Take care Alan


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