Let Your Past Make You Better, Not Bitter.

There is not a single person on this planet that at one time or another hasn’t faced difficulties in one-way or another. Sometimes we feel that we are the only ones who are unlucky or that bad things happen to, when in fact when we talk to other people or read other people blogs we realize that everyone has their own troubles. Life is a beautiful struggle and each of us must forge our path through and over every obstacle that we face, no matter how dark the days may seem.

It is in the darkest of nights that we see the stars in the sky and life is no different. When things get bad we see within ourselves our strengths, fears and abilities as well as the friends and family that shine brightly when we need them. I remember reading a quote once that said, ‘If everyone threw their problems into a big pile we would quickly take back our own problems rather than swap them for someone else’s.’ This doesn’t mean that what you are going through or have gone through is difficult, but you know yourself that over the years in your life it is often the most difficult, darkest days that have helped shape the person you are today.

We never usually know where we get the strength to continue, why we are given these tasks or why they seem to be paddling upstream of a raging river against a torrent of troubles. Try not to worry about the why, and focus on the fact that one day you will be past this trouble, one day you be a stronger person for the experience and one day you will have this experience where you will be able to help another friend or even stranger through a difficult time. So if you find yourself today in a darkened street, look ahead and start moving forward, for one day soon the road will brighten and you will meet a person who will thank you for being strong, thank you for being brave and thank you for just being you. The person you’ll meet is the newer version of yourself, a person that I personally would love to meet. That person is not bitter because you were given problems, but rather is a better person because of all you’ve faced.


4 thoughts on “Let Your Past Make You Better, Not Bitter.

  1. thank you Alan. my dear friend..had many ups and downs these months and you are one of my friends that keep me sane and level.. i love you my dear precious friend.. Laura


  2. Very true blog post, adversity and how we handle and overcome are what makes us who we are. This blog post is a great reminder on how and why we should persevere. I always enjoy your blogs Alan, I truly believe that you make this world a brighter place, I can definitely say thats how I feel whenever I read your blogs. Thank you for exisiting.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Preston. I feel blessed to have met, got to know you and be able to call you a friend. I hope all your days are filled with as much kindness that you always offer everyone. Take care Alan.


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