Never Regret. If It’s good, It’s Wonderful. If It’s Bad, It’s Experience.

The path we walk in this life is neither straight nor smooth. In fact sometimes it can feel more like a roller coaster than any kind of path at all. Most of the time we seem to be running fast going nowhere rather than having a pleasant stroll through a scenic meadow. Our time is often wasted worrying about what has just happened, why did we say something or asking the dreaded ‘if only’ question when really we have no control over what has happened anyway. The truth is you cannot start the next chapter of your life if you are still reading the last one.

When it comes to the experiences we face in life I find it incredible that the ones that were often the most difficult are the ones that we look back on as the defining moments of our lives. Those dark and frightening moments that seemed like the end of the world actually helped us find the person we are today, or at least put us on a path of understanding. We cannot sit on the sidelines of our own life purely on the basis that we do not want to make any mistakes; life is about living and experiencing, it is not a spectator sport.

To regret something in your life will not do you any good at all. If something has happened then you have to accept that and move on. If those around you cannot accept what has happened then you will have to put this down as a valuable lesson in life, no matter how painful. We would all love for everything we do in life to work out, be good or make everyone happy; but unfortunately life is not like that and we cannot change the rules of the universe. We must accept we are human, we do make mistakes and not everything in life will go to plan. If we keep this in mind, keep looking forward, try to be a better person each day and learn from our mistakes, maybe that path ahead won’t be so rough.


10 thoughts on “Never Regret. If It’s good, It’s Wonderful. If It’s Bad, It’s Experience.

  1. I totally agree Alan, it’s a strange world out there. People should be rewarded for standing out and being different. In stead, we punish them (or bully them, you wrote about that before). When we hold on to our ‘difference’ long enough, people will start to appreciate it eventually. Persistance is key! Always!


    1. Thank you for your comment Robin. Persistence is most definitely key. I really love your statement that when we hold on to our ‘difference’ long enough people will start to appreciate it! Very nice. have a great week Robin, Take care Alan.


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