Celebrate The Things That Make You An Individual

In our society we seem to be conditioned to what we are supposed to look like, act like and even feel like. In all levels of society being different is frowned upon, questioned and bullied. In our schools we have children who are so scared to go to school because they are being bullied and picked on simply because they different. If a person is not a fan of conventional sports, like baseball, football or basketball, but likes to do their own thing they are considered strange or weird. This kind of narrow-minded thinking is destroying everything that is good about the human race.

In reality, it is the differences that make us special. It is the differences that we should be celebrating and applauding. In a world, and probably even universe, where difference is just part of nature we have to get away from the mindless oppressive attitude that questions someone’s choices to do something different. This should begin at schools where children should be encouraged to be individuals and explore their interests rather than being channeled into a sterile single thought process that, in the end, is only going to create a stream of mindless zombies.

What kind of chance do we have in a universe that must be full of variety, differences and unknown qualities are we to say that you must look like this, you must act like that and you must fit into this box or be bullied or ostracized where they become a recluse or worse harm yourself. What kind of a society are we when we allow our children to be left to the whims of bullies and have no option but to take their lives. If this doesn’t sound alarm bells in the highest reaches of government then something is wrong.

No matter what people tell you about what society expects you to be like, no matter what kind of image magazines portray as desirable and no matter what group or individual bully says to you about who you should be, ignore it and explore your individuality, learn to love those differences that make you special and be proud that you are not like the herd of sheep mindlessly following walking towards to edge of the cliff.

We were born to be different, the world and universe is full of differences and if we cannot accept that on this tiny little rock in space what hope do we ever have of accepting anything that we may find in our universe. Stop for a moment and look at all the people you admire, Singers, actors, musicians, artists and authors. Not one of them decided to fit in with the crowd and now they are celebrated, so why on earth should you?


4 thoughts on “Celebrate The Things That Make You An Individual

  1. Interesting piece Alan! I think you are right. People should dare to stand out in the crowd! Sooner or later your voice will be heard (and appreciated). Another common mistake in society, in my view, is the lack of mistakes we make. I don’t mean that we should all make mistakes on purpose, but we are educated in a way that punishes mistakes… We shouldn’t be punished for our mistakes, we should be rewarded for our mistakes, because without making them, it is very hard to learn something new. This is something I really try to teach my students (first year Biology students at a university in the Netherlands), don’t be affraid to speak out loud, speak your mind, even if it is wrong. This behaviour triggers discussions and I think that is much more valuable than repeating a text from a book. Of course this behaviour is related to the subject of this post. People who dare to make mistakes, often are bullied. So wrong… I’d say, spread the word! Regards, Robin


    1. Thank you Robin. You are absolutely right mistakes are what help us learn better and faster. You reminded me of a teacher I had at school that literally terrified us into not even asking a question or even attempting to learn, it was all so counter productive. And then there were teachers like yourself that really open the potential minds of students and they are the great ones! Your students should be grateful to have you as their professor. I just wish that children were given more support, help and places to go to when they are bullied.

      Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work!
      Take care Alan.


  2. You are the best..thank you.what an awesome blog.. makes you think..
    you are a wonderful man and father..i can tell.. as i was reading i was thinking of myself growing
    up and of my 3 children.. (adults now) still want to go protect them from all their
    bullies and ememies.. what can i say.. my mom gene is in overdrive hahaha
    thanks again my friend..Laura


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