When honesty is your only option

I am not a big fan of laziness, as anyone who works with me will tell you, but this image below made me laugh (3rd row on the right). I guess if you are going to be lazy then honesty is the only option you have. It says, “I’m too lazy to make a website so please check out my work at FLICKR.” Agreed this took some time, effort and is an interesting approach.

I love what people are doing with paper and typography at the moment as you can see i the 4th row on the right hand side. A delicate and interesting approach that must have taken some serious patience as well as a few wrong cuts until this was finalized. And finally today the evolution of wtf! A simple but cute parody on the evolution image.


Where will the internet take us?

The beauty of the internet for me is not the wealth of information available, although that is a blessing we should thank our lucky stars every day, but for me the internet was the original social media platform. Social media is a place where you can share with friends, colleagues and new acquaintances all the things that you are interested in or is happening in your life. Agreed, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, myspace etc have made this easier but we should not define something by the ease of use. If we did that then the original telephones would not be consider a telephone. Over the years we have developed, explored and created so many new ways to use and share information that are now recognizable to us as social media platforms.

Every day we meet new people at a rate never before believed possible in our normal every day lives, unless perhaps you are the ticket seller at grand central station, which you probably meet more people than anyone should on a daily basis. I just feel that social media was born when the world turned on this glorious network called the internet and, like everything in our world, we started to push the boundaries of what we can do with it. Already the gaming industry has escalated at a phenomenal rate, music and musicians are finding new ways to share and play their music, and so many more amazing stories happen daily in this brave new world. Where we go next is all up to us. Have a creative day.

There are no limits to where we can go

When computers were originally introduced onto the creative industries, from advertising to architecture, everything became very harsh and looked like it was created by some robot. This is normal for any great change in our lives as we have to experiment to push the limits of technology.

What is happening now though is even more interesting, as artists and designs have become adept at creating such diverse mix media projects which are truly beautiful to see. It will be interesting to see the next evolution of the creative world and we are already seeing product engineers like Nokia creating prototypes of mouth watering designs, like the nokia 888 and more.

We are moving at a rate faster than most of us can keep up with but we are definitely living in interesting times. Have a creative day.

The iPad, external materials bring it to life!

I came across these Ipad animations this morning and they just captivated me. I have watched them a few times now and think they are extremely clever whilst being based on an early visual trick in cinematography. I had a conversation with a events company yesterday, that were asking me to be a guest speaker at a social media conference they are arranging, and we discussed where things like social media would go in the future.

Like technology, like these animations on the ipad, social media’s destiny is in the hands of the users, basically the end consumers. It is up to us how we grow, change and use the technology or opportunity in front of us. I am sure that in the design halls of apple this was not an intended final use for their product. The same way SMS was never expected to be a feasible and functional technology for consumers to embrace the way they have. Creating or inventing something is merely like launching a boat into the ocean. Inevitably it comes down to where the people take it as well.

Now that’s the way to deal with a problem

Advertising age is undoubtedly a forward thinking brand. And lets face it in with the kind of visitors, in the advertising and marketing world who always have an opinion about everything and anything, they really need to be on the ball. Recently their website faced problems, of which they didn’t know why, but they managed to quell the screaming masses with a lovely little message on their website.

It really is a great case study for any brand on how to deal with a problem online. With online marketing you cannot ignore things and expect people to accept the fact you are having problems. That is the equivalent of someone having personal problems at home and not functioning in the office. It is just unacceptable for any person, as we all have personal problems, and it’s certainly not acceptable for a brand.

Bravo! Advertising Age, a great brand that knows how to handle a problem in the face of a difficult situation and keeping your audience amused and informed.

Respect for a beautifully designed website

Still far and away one of the most beautiful websites I have seen. It’s not about the content for, although thats fantastic as well, but the navigation and overall fluidity of the website that is just phenomenal! Such a calming experience that I recommend you have a look here  www.jonathanyuen.com

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