People ignore design that ignores people

I believe this line is very true. Look at apple products for example and remember the first time you used one or just picked it up. It has a sense of feeling that it just fits perfectly. Or it works in a way that just feels comfortable and natural. That’s great design and often we take it for granted, but we very quickly will voice an opinion about something that doesn’t work. Things that do however are the ones that slip into our lives, our consciousness and become part of our routine, part of who we are.

Advertising is very similar. When an idea is based on a truth the work is believable and works. t speaks to us like an old friend, a mentor or the funny guy down the pub, depending on which brand it is. Bad advertising however, and lets face it there is a lot of it, is usually an idea that is contrived and unbelievable. I am not talking about exaggeration because a good idea exaggerated makes for a very compelling piece of work that is often memorable for the consumer as well as our peers within our industry. No, a contrived idea is one that is just not true. Try and look at a piece of advertising next time you are on the street or flicking through a magazine and see if you think the idea is based on a truth or is contrived. Have a creative day.


A new twist on an old favourite

This is what I love about design. I have seen countless numbers of books by Jules Verne in all sorts of interesting styles and interpretations, yet still one, seen below, stands out. Also, imagine getting a job for packaging a set of tools. For some people it is very uninspiring and even a painful thought. But for me, and thankfully, many designers it is another challenge. If you see below you can see a lovely little idea which has been wonderfully executed giving a client a great piece of work. It is important how you approach every creative challenge in your career, everything is an opportunity and you have to believe that.

As a creative director, for many years, I see many briefs flowing into to the creative department that have me literally drooling at the opportunity. Not just TV but anything from branding, giveaways, video documentaries, a poster and an internal campaign to name but a few. It does annoy me if I don’t see excitement from people getting the work because I can see what an amazing opportunity there is to be done. Fortunately throughout my career I have had the pleasure to work with people from all over the world that dive into every challenge willingly.

It can be great to be in the creative industry as it is so enjoyable to watch other talented individuals make beautiful art from anything that comes their way. Have a creative day.

All forms of creativity inspire me

I love design for being able to make you smile. The dinosaur packaging below is a wonderful example of this. A simple line on the label of GRRR! Just says it all, fantastic! I also love in today’s collection the vampire weekend poster for New York. Two buildings perfectly placed on a red background leaves you clearly understanding what it’s for.

I have a couple more arabic calligraphy examples from Wassim Shawkat, (Check out the environmental section on his website) who really has created some beautiful images with his use of arabic type. Hope this inspires you today. Have a creative day.

Show the world what your made of

I used to find it almost a curse that I loved so many different disciplines of art. Let me explain, I enjoy creating so much that I would be so confused as to what medium to use that I would end up doing nothing or be distracted when doing one thing, like a painting, that I could be doing something else. Fortunately as I have grown older I see it as a blessing and can really focus on one thing. Also it gives me a great opportunity to combine all different types of things. I hope todays collection sparks you into doing something creative. Feel free to share it on my gmail ( and I will include it here.

I find todays collection interesting because it shows how powerful a good portrait can be. When I looked at the preview of this post the picture literally just jumped out and demanded attention. Incredible when you consider the colours and designs that are surrounding it. I love it. Have a creative day.


Today’s quote, “Hope is the dream of a waking man.” What a great way to start the day! Have a creative day.


Around the world inspiration to hopefully spark the creative spirit that resides in us all.

“There are no people that are not creative. There are just people who do.”


A daily dose of inspiration to get anyones day off to a great start. I hope this selection inspires you the way it has me today. Have a creative day.


The colourful and unique style of Anna Anjos

Brazilian Graphic Designer and illustrator Anna Anjos has a very unique style to her work. Vibrant and colorful the details she includes are just so beautiful. I like the depth to these illustrations and any visual that has you looking again and again to see new things will always be a winner in my book.

It is not the size of the job but the size of the designers passion

When it comes to creativity even the smallest of jobs can really inspire me.

I came across this simple little business card for a Yoga instructor and just thought it was wonderful.

I always tell young designers, art directors and copywriters I work with, who seem to only wish to work on big budgets and TV production as this the only place to be to be creative, when the truth is, if the passion within you is about creating not rewards, you can create something beautiful in places unexpected.

This piece certainly put a smile on my face and I thank the designer for that, nice job.