Every Bump In The Road Adds Character To Your Personality

You know those lines in your face? Yes, the ones that the world spends billions of dollars a year to try and conceal or remove. Well, people say that they add character to your face and show the life you have lived. What is sure is that each and every single one of them, no matter how many you have tell a story of where you have been and who you are. Most people hide the real stories but there is no story we experience where we should hide or be ashamed of in any way.

The truth is that every single experience we face shapes us into the people we are today. If we are truly honest it is often the worst experiences that we learn the greatest lessons and are the ones that make us stronger as we move forward. No one really knows why or how these incidents come into our path. It could be a higher being or it could just be down to our luck, but whatever you believe what is clear is the leap in character that comes from every experience.

What I have come to see is that not everything in life is about the major events in life. But rather the smaller incidents where you meet an interesting person, taste a delicious dish or have one of those moments where you just take a moment to stop and see how far you have come in life. So the next time you look in the mirror and wonder where that new line has come from, try not to concern yourself with the thought of getting old, but instead look at it as another reminder of a great quote, Everyone dies but not everyone lives.


Has the world lost its ability to wait for anything?

I have always prided myself on my level of patience in anything I do. I personally do not mind waiting for another person, be it at work or at home. But in comparison the thought that I am late for another person or someone is waiting for me just fills me with all kinds of negative feelings of guilt, concern and almost panic. I detest being late! It makes me feel physically ill!

But recently I have found my need for immediate responses on things has begun to border on the excessive. I started to wonder why after sending an email my inbox fails to immediately pop up with a response. The time I face during the sending and receiving has become quite a stressful time. But why is this?

I still remember writing letters to pen pals where days would turn to weeks and then the letter would arrive, as it should. But now in a world of immediate responses to every action we make is beginning to border on excessive compulsive disorder. We send a tweet and ten people re-tweet and a few ask you a question or comment on what you tweeted. We post an update on Facebook and immediately, although everyone is supposedly at work, it’s liked, disliked or commented on from all corners of the globe. God forbid a Google plus update takes more than a few seconds to be +1’d or shared again!

Instant communication the world has brought to our fingertips is a joy to behold. Where news stories are discussed amongst real people before the headlines hit CNN or the BBC, I personally think this is a positive thing. It’s away from corporate judgment and political sway so that real people can discuss the facts of a case first, before they are told how they should think.

Social media has created a window of honesty in the world and needs to be protected, but we, and I say that hoping I am not alone, need to hold on to the values of patience and let things take their natural course. Not everything should be immediate and we have all responded a little too quickly sometimes and wished we had paused for that one moment more.

So try and take your time on what you are doing today, after you LIKE and comment on this post this second that is! 😉

Technology can remove the clutter from our world

People talk about how technology is getting in the way of social contact, when in fact I personally feel it is opening doors to people who have spent a lifetime in the shadows. I don’t agree with people on phones and blackberry’s in clubs or bars, as I witness every time I go out, but it is bringing the world closer every single day.

Recently on Google Plus I had a conversation with someone who believed Augmented Reality was something of a fad and would soon be left behind with the likes of virtual reality. I disagreed and I mentioned that if Augmented Reality was to be used properly in our world then it could be a much more beautiful place. Imagine a world where the streets are not plastered at every corner with advertising messages, where a few signs are visible just in unique and specific places. But when you hold up your smartphone the place comes alive with the messages you want to see, with the ability for the user to select the type and frequency of what they see.

You should be able to have a little more control over the messages you see. I work in the advertising world but it still infuriates me when you see awful work that just makes the city look ugly. I have long believed that advertising, when done right, is the art of the city. It shows the character, personality and style of a city, but it should inspire individuals not only to buy things but also to do better in their day or life.

Augmented Reality can really bring the power to the consumer where they can select the messages they want to see when they hold up their smartphones. whether it’s fashion, information about the city or whatever it is your world to have fun in. Yet the real world remains a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy. That is a reality I can see catching on.


Take a look at this course that is currently being run. Augmented Reality

Do you have that song HOT DAGGER?

This was the question my son asked me last night when we were out in the car. It was just him and myself as he had bumped his head an we went to the clinic to check he was okay. He was so as we headed home he started flicking through the songs on the radio to see what he could find. I usually let him or his sister do this because a) It’s nice to see the kind of music they each like and b) it keeps them from breaking anything else in my car!

He had been flicking through a few times and started going quicker through the stations when I had to stop him. There is nothing worse than hearing a single second of a song before being hit with another, and another, and another. I asked what was wrong and he looked really deep in concentration and after a few seconds he finally said, “Do you have that song ‘Hot Dagger?” Now I am no music expert by I do have a very wide taste in music and can recall most songs but this was one that I couldn’t get. So I asked him when he had heard it before.

He began telling me he had heard it on the school bus, which told me it could only be one of four Dubai radio stations and they all, except one play up to date music. But I really couldn’t grasp what it was. Then suddenly, like many times in my work I had a flash of a song that sounded like the one he meant. So I gave him my phone and told him to skip down through my ipod and select a certain song. His face lit up when it cme on and it really made me laugh. The song he wanted was not ‘HOT DAGGER’ but rather, Maroon Five and Christina Aguilera’s latest hit, “MOVES LIKE JAGGER!”

The wave that follows a tsunami, is one of love and kindness.

We have all witnessed the terrible destruction that has wreaked havoc on the beautiful island of Japan, first with a 8.9 magnitude earthquake and then the awful and powerful Tsunami that followed. The sheer power of mother nature tearing the island apart before an unstoppable wave washed across the country was terrifying to witness. All of our prayers today are for the people who are in Japan, or have loved ones in this area. But after the horrifying wave of the Tsunami struck, another wave began almost Instantaneously, online.

The social media channels leaped into action. From Facebook to Twitter, and so many more, people began sending messages, pictures and even videos from Japan asking for help and support. This is not CNN or BBC, but the people of the world broadcasting the real horrors of a tragedy, that is still unfolding as we speak.

Donation requests, calls for information about certain people, reports on surrounding areas as well as the information about Japan has been incredible. I have chosen this image today (Which came via Tumblr) to use in dedication of the people of the world in how they are an inspiration for the love they are showing right now for the people of Japan.

It’s why I love social media, not for the politics, not the business side but because it shows that when the world is rocked to it’s core, the people of the world can in one voice stand together and create a wave of love that will support Japan in it’s time of need. Today I am proud to be human and for those lost today, may god have mercy on their souls.

When you are not involved, don’t complain!

When my life recently decided that she wanted to buy a dog, I have to say I was less than enthusiastic about the idea. With the busy lives we lead and the traveling that both of us do now I couldn’t see the logic behind it. But like most things my wife managed to convince me it was a good idea, maybe she is the one who should be working in advertising! We had discussed it a few times and I kept putting off the idea as much as I could. The a few weekends ago we, my wife and 2 children, were all out having lunch when my wife noticed a pet store next to the car park we were in.

Reluctantly, I followed them all into the store. I was talking with my son next to the cats when suddenly I noticed my wife holding a small dog. They seemed to hit it off immediately and I could see that my point of view on the entire idea had pretty much just strolled out the front door! My son walked over and just said the following words,”She’s your precious mummy.” And that was how the dog became named Precious. So our family had been joined by a black and white french bulldog. Now as French Bulldogs go she is not a bad looking dog but due to the name, the face on the dog and my more than reluctant nature to the entire idea I decided I would give her my own name. I also couldn’t really imagine walking around the streets shouting out Precious as that didn’t sit very well with my masculine side! So my name, for Precious the French Bulldog, is ‘Gollum.’ After the lord of the rings character.

A positive change in my career

Well I am officially moving into my new position as we speak. I am moving from my head creative role in Y&R (Young and Rubicam) in Abu Dhabi into another WPP company, and I have to say I am very happy today! The company will be called Intermarkets|VML and I am going to be the Regional Creative Director & Digital Strategic Director for the Middle East. It’s quite a mouthful really. Intermarkets is one of the oldest advertising groups in the Middle East and VML is one of the leading global online marketing companies of which I will be liaising between the Global team and the Middle East.

I also am very excited about something else I am working on which, if, no when, it works will be a dream come true so I will be announcing that here first in about 1 months time. I have had many lows in my career and I dare say it will not always be smooth sailing in the future,but just for today, well, while I drink my coffee I will enjoy this moment 🙂 Have a creative day!

Two careers, one love.

There are times recently that you are far away. Life has taken our paths into different directions. Success and ambition drives us both forward, achieving goals that seem to appear on our separate paths but always knowing that we are thinking about each other.

As there is no success worth reaching and no ambition worth achieving unless we reach there together. 12 years ago you barged your way into my heart, loudly, as only you could do, whilst still radiating beauty and poise. Together, the two angels that we have been blessed with, are a credit to the person you are.

On this day, of saint valentines, I know we are apart, but you will always carry my heart with you where ever you are. Eternally yours, My darling wife, I love you.

A parents challenge

I would walk through hell to find you.
I would march against the world to protect you.
I would sacrifice myself, to give you one more day of sunshine.
And, I would throw caution to the wind, if it meant bringing beauty within your world.
If an obstacle appeared on your horizon, I would break it down or carry you over. Even for only one second of joy and happiness.
I would never let another take away your sunshine.
And I would bring the rain when you needed refreshing.
But, my children, the hardest thing to do is to help you learn the real lessons in life.
Where I need to stand back so you experience loss, pain and failure.
For who am I to take away the most valuable lessons in life.
Lessons you will need to know when you walk through the shadows of life, after I am gone.
Know this though my child;
I have faced death in my life.
I have faced fear that I hope to god, you never face.
Know that nothing, nothing is as hard to do as a parent and not be able to help you.
It is something that is harder to do than anything in life.
Sometimes the greatest gift I can give, is to do nothing.
But nothing breaks my heart.
because you are everything to me.