The beauty of social media

Social media has the power to do many things. It helps to inform people about natural disasters, helps companies communicate directly with consumers, Helps people discuss, learn, educate and hear the latest news about topics they are passionate about. Social Media also helps people of all ages come together in ways we, probably, have never seen in the history of our race. It’s an exciting step, but with it comes a word caution.

With everything in our world that is good there has to be the balance of bad that we need to understand before making judgments about whether something should be stopped or celebrated. It happened with comic books in the early part of their history, claiming to be creating a culture of negativity and violence. This is something we have also seen with movies, games and anything new, because new things make people nervous. Not everyone is able to embrace change so easily.

But we need to look at what we have and what social media has given people in all corners of our world. For some it is the only place to be themselves or even interact with people without judgment, prejudice or dependant on the physical attributes of who they are. In a world where the media has distorted our own image of what beauty really is, social media puts substance over appearance at the head of the class. In a world full of eating disorders, plastic surgery and self hate about how we look, Social Media is helping give people confidence in the person inside rather than an exterior image that is currently portrayed on the covers of magazines, and that, is a beautiful thing!


The world through another’s eyes

We often walk through life and only occasionally stop to see the wonders that are in our world. I met a man a few years ago and was touched by his generosity of spirit and the creativity that was clearly abundant within him. His name is Ramy and we met through work. He was the client and I worked for an advertising agency. His passion for the arts was something that was evident from the first meeting, as well his his desire to have the best work we could produce. Clearly in front of me, was a man who saw the world as a canvas, but wasn’t ready to hold the brush himself.

Just over a year ago, he finally found his calling. With a camera in his hand, the light within Ramy shone brighter than any star in the night sky. I was not alone in telling him that his ability was something he should pursue. In fact every single person on his Facebook page was almost insisting he did more. Gladly, he headed the advice and to see how his photography has grown over the past year is something quite extraordinary, and I have worked with some amazing photographers all over the world. The thing that strikes me about Ramy’s photography is that he sees the most human aspect in our world, and captures it. To see the world through his eyes proves to me that it doesn’t matter where you are today, it only matters how you look ahead and how you act on achieving it. Congratulations Ramy, I couldn’t be happier for you.

This is a small sample of his work, Please check out the rest on:

Dark side of the lens – A wonderful tale of doing something you love.

I have watched this mini documentary many times and I just love it. Everything about this including the cinematography, poetry and especially the natural voice over work incredibly well to give this documentary such raw emotional and powerful experience.

The passion that comes through the tale of doing something you love, the sequences of images and the spellbinding words full of honesty are simply beautiful. It is rare that I am lost for words when it comes to reviewing something creative, but this comes very close. When something is created like this it is so compelling that it transfixes you with scene after scene of glorious imagery. It is simply wonderful. Enjoy!

Photography is about finding a unique angle

I noticed today how much black and white photography I have chosen since I started tithes blog. I guess it goes back to a fundamental rule of photography where it is about looking at the world in a different world. For example, when taking a picture of a flower do not take a photograph from your normal standing position. If you do you will find that the picture looks very ordinary and doesn’t look interesting at all.

Instead, lie down on the floor, or crouch or find a high flower, and take the picture looking upwards. You will find that you suddenly have a photograph that is compelling and interesting because you are showing a view people do not see very often, if at all. There is obviously many techniques and settings you need to learn in photography to create great pictures but looking at the world from a different angle is the best place to start.

I also really like the quote today as it looks at a saying I know in a different way. I have always heard the saying don’t burn your bridges as a way of saying not to ruin a relationship as you never know when you may need something or someone. But the way the quote is used, here below, is very inspiring, “May the bridges you burn today light the way.” certainly made me think. Have a creative day.

All forms of creativity inspire me

I love design for being able to make you smile. The dinosaur packaging below is a wonderful example of this. A simple line on the label of GRRR! Just says it all, fantastic! I also love in today’s collection the vampire weekend poster for New York. Two buildings perfectly placed on a red background leaves you clearly understanding what it’s for.

I have a couple more arabic calligraphy examples from Wassim Shawkat, (Check out the environmental section on his website) who really has created some beautiful images with his use of arabic type. Hope this inspires you today. Have a creative day.

How photographers tell a story

I love the differences within the photographs from today’s collection. From the shot of the horse under water to the mystery of the sunken ship a story is being told. Some stories are a little more graphic like the concept of the girl being sick at a party, not really sick but with paper which I think is very cleverly done.

Each tell a story in such a different and compelling way which is really what draws me to photography. Technique and the aesthetic look of a photograph are always what appeals initially. But it is the story within the image that holds an audience captivated and makes a photograph memorable. Hope this collection inspires you in whatever you do today. Have a creative day.

Show the world what your made of

I used to find it almost a curse that I loved so many different disciplines of art. Let me explain, I enjoy creating so much that I would be so confused as to what medium to use that I would end up doing nothing or be distracted when doing one thing, like a painting, that I could be doing something else. Fortunately as I have grown older I see it as a blessing and can really focus on one thing. Also it gives me a great opportunity to combine all different types of things. I hope todays collection sparks you into doing something creative. Feel free to share it on my gmail ( and I will include it here.

I find todays collection interesting because it shows how powerful a good portrait can be. When I looked at the preview of this post the picture literally just jumped out and demanded attention. Incredible when you consider the colours and designs that are surrounding it. I love it. Have a creative day.

Some of the best high speed photography I’ve seen

I am a huge fan of high speed photography and have watched many videos or programs, but this video has some of the best shots I have ever seen. I particularly love the egg on the mouse trap, fantastic!


Today’s quote, “Hope is the dream of a waking man.” What a great way to start the day! Have a creative day.


A daily dose of inspiration to get anyones day off to a great start. I hope this selection inspires you the way it has me today. Have a creative day.