Trouble in Bahrain led to a quick exit

The trip to Bahrain went very well. Had trouble getting back to the airport as more protests started just before I was supposed to leave the office. It was all pretty quiet really until the GM came in looking a little pale saying, ‘I think you better leave!’ It’s amazing the thoughts that go though your mind, not just what kind but the amount in literally a fraction of a second. I cannot tell you how many different scenarios were racing through my mind as I sat and looked at him. So I got up and headed to the airport with Jassim, a young Bahraini.

The traffic was extremely busy and we were stuck for a while on the road, but it was all uneventful thankfully and I reached the airport just in time to fly back to Dubai. I did drive past the place where all the protests have been taking place when I arrived in Bahrain. We crossed a bridge and the police had closed one lane where you could see banners hanging over the side. In the meetings I had you would never sense any strife within the country. The locals were just as upbeat and pleasant as they always are, even cracking jokes (not about whats happening obviously) But this, for me, sums up living in the Middle east, whatever any of the people go through they always come out the other side smiling, and I respect them all for that.


The evening sky here in Dubai

This is a picture I took yesterday from Festival City in Dubai. It overlooks the Marina and in the background under that beautiful sky is the Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world. (The picture was taken on an iphone with the Hipstomatic app)

Some inspiration from Stephen Wiltshire as he draws Rome from memory

Sometimes inspiration comes from unusual places and touches you. Stephen Wiltshire is a genius who creates landscapes from memory. In this video you will see Stephen taken on a helicopter over the city of Rome. From just this short helicopter ride he creates a masterpiece of illustration in the next few days. What makes Stephens incredible talent even more amazing is the fact he is autistic. It certainly proves how little we truly understand about how the human mind works as well as proves that people should never judge a person by what people call disabilities. Take a look at Stephen and marvel at the accuracy of what he creates purely from memory.