Dreams don’t work unless you do

Every single one of us has dreams we want to achieve. Some are big and some are small but inside us we crave to that success or break to get ahead. People often look at successful people and think they are lucky or have had a break to get where they are but the truth couldn’t be further from that as anyone who is successful has put in the work, driven by their dreams to get those opportunities and I guarantee it was not a straight road they took.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with very talented people, some a lot more talented than me. The most frustrating thing I saw though is when this talent was not matched with the effort to take these individuals where they could go in their career.

Personally I never looked at the individuals in my office or the country I was working in at the time, but rather I would look at the very best in my industry and aimed to be as good as them. Knowing that these people were world class creative or strategist I knew I had to work twice as hard to get anywhere near them in my career. So that is what I have always done.

So whatever dreams you have in your career or life it’s time to stop waiting for it to happen and start putting the effort in that will carry you through the a better life. Don’t get caught up in the small things that happen in your home, your office or with your friends. Don’t even be put off if things don’t go the direction you want either. Sometimes your road will lead you to a better place where more opportunities lay ahead.

You are the only person that can create change in your life and if you want it enough you will have to put that extra effort in to get it. Try thinking and visualizing of that moment when you have achieved a dream and then ask yourself, ‘what am I willing to do to make this happen, to have this feeling and to experience that incredible joy of achieving your dream.’ It’s okay to daydream about these moments; in fact I recommend it as it helps build that drive.

No matter where you are in life, no matter how many things have not gone your way, you can still start on that journey today to achieving your dreams. I have had more than my fair share of bad luck, wrong choices and missed opportunities along my journey but this hasn’t dulled my ambition one single bit, in fact I’m just getting started…And so should you!



Dreams come to you at night for a reason

They sometimes do not come for days or weeks. They sometimes come in waves. Sometimes, just sometimes, they come so clear and vibrant it feels like they touch your very soul. But there is a reason dreams come to you in your sleep. Dreams need your undivided attention. Dreams need the canvas of your mind to express the subconscious and plant important information that one day will trigger a response. What that response will be is not always be clear. But it does have your undivided attention.

What is clear is how a dream can repeat many times before we feel that it moves on. But why? Has its purpose been achieved? Was I supposed to do something? Is there a level in our brains that we have yet to unlock that would explain such strange and obscure visions? Maybe you are not meant to understand everything. Maybe you are only supposed to have a glimpse into a world we cannot comprehend just yet. And maybe, just maybe they come to us in our sleep so we cannot avoid them.

Our lives are filled with millions upon millions of information that we have to digest in a fraction of a second. Messages, discussions, images, smells, sounds and so much more that even thinking about the volume of information can make you feel quite dizzy. Whatever dreams are and mean one thing is clear when we dream with our eyes open we can achieve such incredible heights, but it takes discipline and focus to stay true to these dreams without wondering off on to different paths.

I myself constantly find myself thinking of a new business idea, a blog I would like to write about Social Media, Emerging technology, Football and more. But, I keep Snapping myself back on track to keep writing this blog so that maybe it inspires at least one other person to do something with their lives, to keep focused on my business and my work, to keep focused on being a good father, husband and friend.

Whatever dreams come to you tonight may they bring you comfort, joy or inspire you to do something great the next day. Whatever your dreams are tonight, know they are yours to do with when you awake the next morning. They are yours to fuel your ambitions and to quell your fears about all the things you cannot do. For a dream comes to you at night, when you are asleep, because you cannot turn off the channel, get up and move on or any other thing we do in life to avoid what we need to see. Dreams come to you in your sleep so you listen to them and act on them when you awake. Dream big and live happy.

Don’t get angry, get to work instead

How much time over the years have you lost being angry? I know I have probably wasted more time than most on things that have not helped me, caused me more stress and made life quite unbearable to those around me. I have always been the kind of person that over analyzes every conversation over and over again. I even do this when I have a good conversation but I still start nit picking on certain words and think ‘what did that really mean?’ What a complete waste of time. There is nothing I can do about the time I have lost, but there is something I can do in the future.

When something doesn’t go the way I want or expected now I feel this surge of emotion that I know is taking over me. The questions spinning around my head and it is a complete battle to keep this under control. I remember times being angry and having a feeling that I was watching some idiot completely implode in front of me. I seemed to have forgotten that I was actually driving that car into the wall. I know I will always face this as this is part of my personality, but that was just an excuse I used to use that made it easier to act this way. But over time I have learned to channel that energy into the right areas.

Imagine you are a rocket that is getting ready to launch and someone upsets you. You can spend the next hour, day or week burning off all your fuel so that by the time you do get around to launching yourself in one direction that you barely clear the launch tower. Or you can fire yourself into the stratosphere and see what the stars are really like when you are among them. Because, if you put only half of that energy into anything you want the things you could accomplish are unbelievable. So imagine what all of that energy will achieve when you focus it on a dream or goal you want to achieve. It will put everything into perspective, it will make everything worthwhile and it will do you more good than moping around sulking, like I used to do. Don’t get angry, get to work instead.

Setting smaller goals will help you achieve the big ones

Sometimes when you look at what you achieve in life the distance is so great that it is quite deflating. Many people are put of chasing their dreams purely because the goal they set is so big and so far away that they lose sight of it after a short time. Having a big goal is fantastic and everyone should have goals in their life if they want to live a life regret free. So go ahead set the big goals, but here is an idea that will help your journey be more enjoyable and achievable.

No matter what you big goal may be, a new job, a new life, an adventure getting rid of a debt that is weighing you down like an anchor in the sea, set some smaller goals that will help you focus on what you need to do to achieve the big goal. Think of it this way, if an olympic hurdler set off on a race and only focused on the finish line they may not get over each hurdle the way they have trained to do for years. But if every focus is 100% on the next hurdle they will nail every single hurdle perfectly and before they realizes it will be at the finish line with a great chance of winning. That is how you need to plan your big goals, with smaller and closer hurdles that you can focus on along the way.

The important thing to do when you do reach these smaller, closer goals is to celebrate them. Give yourself a small reward that will motivate you to keep going or start moving towards the next hurdle or goal. It doesn’t need to be big but the acknowledgement that you are getting closer to your bigger goals will do absolute wonders for your self esteem and confidence in what you are trying to achieve.I have found that no matter what your end goal is that you can set smaller goals, write a list or plan of things you need or need to do if you are to reach your goals, it will help you more than you could imagine. Good luck!

The only thing a comfort zone is good for, is sleeping.

If you want to live the life you’ve always wanted it will never happen unless you push yourself into areas that are out of your comfort zone. We all get stuck in moments in our life where we are faced with a fork in the road. The fork has two directions which are made up of a) Continuing on the same path that we can see clearly ahead as being much the same as we have right now. And then there is b) A road that is less assured and will mean you pushing yourself into doing things that are not comfortable to you now. But you have to ask, “What is it in life that you want?”

For anyone who says they are happy and content where they are I applaud you and think you are very lucky. I honestly couldn’t be happier for you. If however, you have ambition, dreams and desires to have a different life then you have to make the changes that will create that new reality. I do not mean the dream where everyone is rich, as I honestly don’t think that is a true test of happiness anyway. I mean if there is something in your life you have always wanted to do like traveling, learn a language, learn an instrument, a new skill or a change in career you have to ask yourself when are you going to make it happen?

Unfortunately life rarely comes knocking on our door with a gift-wrapped life where you will have all you have ever wanted. You have to get dressed and forge out into the world, where things are uncertain and will not always go your way. In order to make those dreams a reality you have to push yourself in places that make you uncomfortable. It is in these moments, the difficult ones, where we truly find out who we are and what we truly do want out of life. Maybe once you start something you will realize that this is not what you wanted anyway.

That’s good, as it means you will not sit awake at night and wonder that horrible ‘what if?’ It means you are now ahead of the curve on knowing what you do not want. You are now in a different place in your life, a self confidence growing within you and the knowledge knowing you are closer to doing what it is in life you want, even if you don’t know what that is yet. Leave the comfort zone for sleeping and enjoy exploring the amazing person you are by realizing your potential. You at least owe it yourself to try.

In life, No dream can be realized whilst you remain asleep

We all do it. We all sit and wonder if we can achieve the dreams we have harbored for years. The passion within burns so brightly, the desire pulses through every vein in our body, the appetite to achieve is insatiable…yet we remain asleep.

No one has been guilty of this more than me. What fears hold us back? Whether it’s a fear of failure, ridicule, exclusion or whatever, are all feelings that do not exist unless you allow them to manifest in your life. Every negative force that is holding you back has been created by you. Because we allow external influences to dictate who we are, what we are worth and how we should live our life. So wake up!

Wake up and realize that you are in control of your life, you are the one that will make your dreams come to life, you are the one that will fill your mind with positivity and love for the incredible person you are. Wake up and live the life you have been gifted because at the end of the day it is only you that goes back to sleep knowing, “I did everything I could to live my dreams.”

Sweet dreams everyone, but don’t forget to wake up and make them happen!

Your dreams may be closer than you think

Many times in our lives we look around and see others seemingly floating through life without a care in the world. Things just seem to happen easily for them and dreams just seem to be falling in their laps. In comparison we often have the impression we are standing still, or worse going backwards. Our dreams seem to be distant shadows far off on the horizon in a foggy day, a feeling that can break even the strongest of spirits.

But what do not often realize is the people who we are watching are having the same struggles, but with one difference. The difference is simply not accepting that things are impossible, accepting that with a little hard work and luck one dream could come true. I firmly believe positive thoughts bring a positive return from the universe and if you truly believe a dream you have is possible, it will bring you within reach. I say within reach because just thinking something will never achieve anything, that’s the easy part. We have to set the wheels in motion ourselves by planning and actively moving towards your dreams. You may decide the original dream was not what you thought it promised, but the place you will find yourself is a place where things are a little clearer, the fog has lifted and you can see dreams everywhere.

I, like most people, have faced disappointment with business failures or rejection from a company I really wanted to work for, but that is just part of life. How would you appreciate climbing a mountain if anyone could just stroll up and plant a flag at the top without any effort? Whatever you dream of doing, try to make it happen or at least start today by putting the wheels in motion to get you closer, and remember it is not always about the final destination but rather what you learn on the journey. Happy trails and good luck.

Nothing worth doing is ever easy

We all spend time imagining what it would be like to accomplish our dreams. Some of us spend most of our lives imagining every aspect of the achievement. What we would do, how we would feel, who we would thank and what it would be like to stand atop and look back at the journey we have taken. This of course is the easy part.

To achieve anything worth while in life we have to make the first step towards that goal. And after that we take the next and the next. Even we we are pushed backwards or have to change our direction, we have to believe we can still make it to the top, even when after many steps forward the goal seems ever further away.

If every thing in life were easy, then there would be no thrill of achieving your dreams. No sense that we have overcome every difficulty and stared into the face of defeat many times, only to power through with courage and determination. Because it is a statement worth carrying with you in life, that nothing worth doing, is ever easy.

Don’t let life pass you by

We can often find ourselves as mere spectators to our own lives. Our commitments, responsibilities and the speed of life literally seem to switch us over to auto-pilot, and we just coast through life in a haze. There is nothing you should ever feel guilty about for doing this as, in my opinion, this often happens due to the fact you are putting other peoples interests before your own. Be it your daughter, son, wife, husband, ill relative or whatever, these are the best reasons and you should feel proud of yourself for being that kind of person. They are in fact very rare in this world.

But, and I say this to myself as much as anyone reading this post, there are rare things in our world that we must not lose sight of. It is not money, gold or diamonds. In fact it is not a material item at all. The most precious thing in our world comes in the shape of ‘opportunities.’ These most precious gifts must be grabbed by both hands and pour your heart into whatever that opportunity is for you. They come along so rarely, and no matter what commitments you may have, these will become your fuel to give more to the people you care about. You owe it to yourself, you deserve such opportunities and anyone, who cares anything for you, will be happy you are not just letting life pass you by. Go ahead, ‘seize your dreams!’

Never hold back in life

You get one shot. One chance in life to do the things you really dream you want to do. Never worry what others may think, if they mock or jests about what you do, then they are people that do not matter in your life. If they support and praise you in your actions, then be happy you have the right kind of people in your life.

We all do this. We all question time and again what others may think of the things we do. We all know that life is short and at times we look back and wonder why we didn’t act at certain times throughout our life. Sometimes you just need to be bold and make that leap of faith where dreams are possible. The worst possible outcome is that you realize it was not what you thought it was.

Look into your heart and pull out those dreams. Unlock the ideas that can bring you happiness, even if only for a short moment. Look back on your life and see the times you went for your dreams. Maybe they didn’t succeed, maybe they did. The important things is you know that in that moment you felt the thrill of doing what you wanted, reaching for the stars and putting the wind beneath your wings. Never hold back in life. never regret any decision you made as it was right for you in that moment. But most importantly, Do the things in life that bring you happiness, you deserve nothing less.