Don’t let anything stop you from having a voice in this world

We live in a world where our opinion is communicated to a global audience through social media. Sometimes what we are trying to say and what is interpreted can be taken in the wrong way, but that starts a conversation which is a key aspect to building relationships, whether as an individual or as a brand.

What brands are looking for when posting online is to engage with customers. But triggering conversation depends on the brand personality of the company. Some are approachable and friendly, others can be irreverent and opinionated. It all depends on what the strategy is for that brand. The worse thing any brand can be is stuck in the middle or what is often called vanilla, just plain and uninteresting.

Having an opinion as an individual is what defines you and helps shape your own personal brand. No matter what you believe in just say the truth because as they say, it will set you free. Having ideas, thoughts and opinions is something we all internalise but not everyone is able to articulate them in the way they would like.

Take Seth Godin for example, the man can communicate powerful strategies and thoughts in very few words. But the key thing about this is it takes time. Seth didn’t start out being able to direct everything in front of him and communicate his ideas as clearly as he does now, no one does. It takes time to formulate ideas into simple language or explanations. I’m pretty sure the words he posts are not the first ones he writes either!

In advertising most of the work you see which is beautifully art directed and crafted has gone through countless rounds of shortening, sharpening and development to get the communication down to a core truth or promise. Blaise Pascal, a French philosopher, once wrote a letter and at the end wrote, “I apologise for the length of this letter, if I had more time I would have made it shorter.”

I love that quote because today we do things at a hundred miles an hour but this shouldn’t deter you from giving your opinion and letting your voice be heard. Even if you are criticised by someone, keep going. Everyone has been criticised or attached at some point in their life, the trick is the ones you listen to and respect now ignored those comments and continued to work on getting their voice heard.

You have a voice in this world and there are people who want to hear your opinions. You may even help someone that is going through an experience you once faced. Fear stops us doing so many things, but you you need to start somewhere and every great journey starts with a single step forward. Have faith in yourself and start crafting your voice, no matter how long it takes, you will get to a point that it comes easier and articulated sharper, but remember to enjoy the journey you have as it will be exhilarating whilst lightening the load of thoughts that often weigh heavily on our mind when left unspoken.




Never let criticism hold you back in life

How many times in your life have you decided not to do something because of someone else’s opinion? It could be a derogatory comment about something you have worked on, maybe just a look that sapped all your confidence or maybe you are the one who convinced yourself that this path was not for you.

Whatever the reason, this is something that you have to fight. You have to fight this with every once of your soul and do it on a daily basis. You see I work with creative people every day, have done for nearly twenty years, and what I see on a daily basis is people who are in love with an idea one minute and with one comment the idea is in a screwed up ball of paper heading towards the waste paper basket. All because of someone else’s opinion.

What you have to do is take all the criticism, comments and suggestions into your mind but don’t let become the driving force. One trick you have to do is look at what is being said to you from a different angle. This is not easy, as with anything we do in life we get attached to something by pouring our heart into it hoping we are on the right track. Try to filter through the constructive aspects of what is being said, no matter how negative they may first appear, and be impartial with your final view. But this should never stop you doing something you enjoy.

If you are doing something that is bringing you happiness, fulfillment and a creative release that you enjoy nothing should stop you doing that thing. Obviously as long as that is not doing something that hurts or offends anyone. If you look at anyone’s life, anyone that you know has accomplished one thing in their life, you will see a person that has faced defeat, criticism, negativity and more towards something they wanted to do. They used it to fuel their ambition rather than dampen their dreams. So why should you be any different?

Don’t be ordinary, be extraordinary.

So you are different, so what? So growing up you felt alienated from people around you, a square peg in a round hole, a misfit and a weirdo. These feelings growing up are the main cause of people becoming introverts, hermits and shy shells of the promise youth once held. So it’s time to turn back the clocks.

You see, if it wasn’t for the misfits, the weirdo’s or the square pegs in our world we would live in a boring, grey and uninteresting place that didn’t illuminate the imagination, encourage people to be better and keep pushing the world to be more creative, inspiring and entertaining. So celebrate your differences!

Take a long hard look at your differences. Things you think make you different, because it is those that make you unique. It is those aspects that are not hurdles, but springboards to be whatever you want to be. Because the world is full of people with insecurities about the way they feel, look and act. But if the world doesn’t accept you for the way you are, move and start another world where you can be a silly, funny, odd, interesting and as happy as you were when you were a child.

As a child it was a time when you thought everything was possible, because it still is, it is only you listening to the wrong opinions. Close your mind from every stereotype you have ever heard about beauty, education, creativity and life so that you can start living the life you were destined to live. The world tries to make you ‘normal’ when the people we celebrate are the ones that said NO! I will not conform, I will not accept that preconception, and I will change the world because I am different, I am unique and nothing will change that unless I decide to change it myself. Stop listening to what the world says about you and start listening to what you want to do, to be and to achieve.

You are never too old to start something new

I had a discussion with someone recently, where I have to say I whole heartedly disagreed with them. I love to see different peoples opinion and learn about what makes people tick. The discussion surrounded the idea of ‘It’s never too late to learn something new.’ I personally still harbor many ambitions of things I want to learn, places I want to visit and experiences that I would like to try. This other person, who is actually younger than me, believes that they are now too old to learn anything new.

I can put my mind into many situations and scenarios, as this is part of my job in advertising, but to think that where I am now I have learnt all I am able to learn makes me shudder with fright, and worse makes me ponder if I did believe this why would I continue and what would be my motivation? For me the chance to still do, learn and experience new things is what gets me out of bed in the morning as an individual. Of course there is part of me that soldiers on daily due to the responsibilities I have but that alone cannot sustain a person, surely? I would love to hear your thoughts on this today…Have a creative day.